ISIS storms in killing group of nuns, but how one nun survived is truly miraculous

Early in the morning on March 4th, members of ISIS attacked a church-run retirement home in Yemen operated by a group of Catholic nuns. The terrorist thugs slaughtered the guard and the driver first. Christian Ethiopian men ran to tell the nuns that ISIS was there to kill them. [Read more…]

College Student pays off grandparents’ mortgage by saving money eating microwave pizza and skipping parties


Stefun Darts, a college student from Houston knows what it means to put family first. At 24 years old he has already founded the non-profit, Caring Heart Youth, and through personal sacrifice was able to provide his grandparents $15,000 and a trip to the Bahamas.  [Read more…]

He Raped Her in Her Own Home. Now Former ‘Extra’ Anchor is Making a Plea to Keep Him Jailed

Many of you may know Maureen O’Boyle her from the popular programs “A Current Affair,” and “Extra.” Over the years, she has created a very successful career as a news anchor.  But what may not be common knowledge — O’Boyle was raped when she was 30 years old in her own home [Read more…]

Ivanka Trump got the MOST beautiful Easter gift she could ever imagine!

Congratulations to Ivanka Trump!  The mother of two just had another baby! [Read more…]

Peanut’s First Easter

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