Driver shoots and kills gunman who marched up to his car after they ‘made eye contact’ at a gas station

Screen cap from below video

Screen cap from below video

This is horrifying, but I’m so glad that justice was done. [Read more…]

Bill Maher Delivers Crude Incest Joke about Ivanka, Media Yawns


Why are liberals so gross? The Daily Mail transcribed a conversation that happened on liberal Bill Maher’s show recently: [Read more…]

Texas man kills gunman before he could murder more people

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You never know when a terrible thing can happen.  In a sports bar in Arlington, Texas, a man walked up to the bar and started yelling odd things at people.  The manager came out to talk to the man, but the guy pulled out a gun and fatally shot him.  No warning.  Nothing. [Read more…]

NBA Star’s baby Hits 6 Pounds after being born 5 months early at just 1 pound

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Awwww…  This is sweet!  According to the Daily Mail, J.R. Smith’s little one reached a very important milestone! [Read more…]

ESPN fires another 100 employees; casualties of their liberal propaganda


ESPN is learning a really tough lesson.  People are really, really sick and tired of being preached at while trying to enjoy sports. Deadspin tries to explain why customers are treating ESPN like the network’s got head lice: [Read more…]