County Closes Schools Over Response To Lesson On Islam

Imagine for a moment if public school students had to write John 3:16 for an assignment. Or what if they wrote the Ten Commandments in a language they didn’t understand with no translation about what it meant.

I think the ACLU and other liberals would lose their minds. So where are these groups now with the latest reports out of Virginia concerning students being made to write a Muslim Statement of Faith with no translation or understanding of what it means.

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See The Response When A McDonald’s Painted A Nativity Scene On Its Window


So often during the Christmas season, we are bombarded with news stories about Scrooges and Grinches who are trying to ruin the Christmas season for the rest of us by protesting nativity scenes.

That is why I was so surprised when I saw this story about a McDonald’s in Tennessee! [Read more...]

PHOTO: My Little Nerd

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Religious Liberty Victory in Case of Atlanta Fire Chief Who Was Fired for His Faith

Do you remember the case of the Atlanta Fire Chief who was fired because he wrote a Christian devotional that included his views on Biblical living, which included issues of sexuality?  When the militant Left got ahold of the story Chief Cochran was quickly fired and the mayor of Atlanta even released a statement saying Cochran’s views were “inconsistent with the administration’s work.” [Read more...]

Kindergarten Trip to Visit Santa Canceled After Mom Complains, Parents Stage Walkout

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