All My Babes


I was trying to get a nice picture with my two little boys… and some girl with pink hair got in my picture! [Read more...]

Whose Commencement Address Was Better – Michelle Obama or Denzel Washington?

First Lady Michelle Obama and Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington both recently gave commencement addresses over the same weekend. Michelle’s made the news for being whiny and race-driven, while Denzel’s got attention for being filled with talk about his faith. [Read more...]

Vince Vaughn: We Should Encourage Guns in Schools

You know Vince Vaughn from his hilarious movies over the years. [Read more...]

SNL Pokes Fun at 90s Game Shows and Fears of Drawing Muhammad

prophet screenshot

Did you see this skit on Saturday Night Live? It’s pretty funny. [Read more...]

Pure Happiness


Just look at that toothy grin! [Read more...]