Oh, brother! Telling a boy to “be a man” is toxic masculinity?

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Say it isn’t so! Telling a boy to grow up and “be a man” is considered by some as “toxic masculinity.” It’s one of the “three most destructive words” a young man can hear according to a documentary on the subject. [Read more…]

The heartbreaking reason this photographer decided to take beautiful pics of kids with Down syndrome

How precious! [Read more…]

Archbishop Cardinal Dolan laments that in the US a “baby in the womb can be sucked out and left dead.”

In the last debate, Donald Trump brought up partial birth abortion to Hillary Clinton and dominated that exchange. (I think even many Democrats were rolling their eyes at Hillary’s answer, since most people do not support late term abortion.) [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton’s campaign had 16 email exchanges before replying to ONE Marco Rubio tweet

I can’t stop laughing. [Read more…]

Top democrat dodges hard questions on corruption: I feel like a persecuted Christian

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After Wednesday evening’s presidential debate, Fox News’ Megan Kelly confronted interim DNC chair Donna Brazile about the recent Wikileaks revelations that she fed Hillary Clinton a question prior to a CNN town hall. Kelly’s questioning was relentless and it was fun watching Brazile squirm! [Read more…]

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