One Lucky Boy

Augustine is 2 months old, and boy is he cute! With two older siblings in the house, these two months have passed far too quickly. We are busy with homeschooling (sortof!), gymnastics, story hour, playdates, and trips to the park. Four years ago when my oldest was born I could spend hours just smiling at her, studying every wrinkle or roll of fat 😉 Every milestone was recorded, discussed, and cherished. I don’t get this same time with Gus because I am so busy tending to the needs of our growing family. There are days when poor Gus goes hours in his seat or swing. I pick him up to feed him, change him, and then I return to another book or activity with the older kids. Time is passing, and Gus reminds me of it daily. I think there are evenings when he looks older to me than he did in the morning 😉

The other day was particularly busy, and as I attempted to throw something together for dinner, baby Gus started to cry. As I rushed to wash my hands and hold him he suddenly stopped. I looked in the other room and saw Gianna sitting with him on the sofa. She sang to him, rubbed his little head and put the pacifier into his mouth. “You are so cute because you are little,” she said. “Don’t cry baby Augustine,” she said in a loving voice. And he didn’t. He not only stopped crying, he started smiling at his big sister. She looked up at me with pride, “I am taking care of baby Gus.” Yes you are, I thought.

There are some days when I am tempted to feel guilty about how I am NOT spending the day studying Augustine’s every wrinkle and fat roll. But not this day. Today I am reminded that while time is passing, and he is growing and changing, I am giving him a family. He has all of OUR love and for that he is one lucky little boy.

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