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Leave the House Dirty

In the most recent edition of Conceive magazine (of which I am not a proponent in general, but it had some interesting articles) I learned of the potentially hazardous effects on our children's fertility from certain household cleaners!In short, things to avoid are: fragrances, petroleum-based surfactants, and solvents. You can read more about the results of the recent study's findings here. To give you a taste, though, here is a tidbit about the dangers of fragrances I found compelling: " The … [Read more...]

The Mommy Battery

Today I awoke to the not-so-refreshed, not-so-get-up-and-go mommy doldrums.  I was tired.  Actually, I was pooped.  We have been overextending ourselves lately, dashing off to various summer events.  This week, our 3-year-old has been immersed in a local Bible school, which meets every morning at a church 20 minutes away.  This means the family has to get up, get dressed, get fed, and head out the door by 8:15am (and that's while lugging around my 34-week pregnant self!)  The homeschooling optio … [Read more...]

Baby Cate

Please lift this amazing family up in prayer today as they grieve the loss of their 7 month-old baby girl. Their love of God and their love of baby Cate is a blessing for us all.Lord, May you shower all families grieving the loss of a child with your grace and peace. Amen. … [Read more...]

Granola Recipe

In response to your requests, below is my granola recipe. What I love about granola is that you can really add anything to it (alright, not anything, but a lot of things). I have found that experimenting and omitting or adding things that I know my family likes makes the best granola for us. Here are the basics of what I use: 6 cups old fashioned rolled oats 1 cup natural wheat or barley cereal 1-2 cups sliced/crushed pecans/almonds (I like to use pecans b/c they are sweeter) 1/2 cup raw … [Read more...]

Leading by Example

Dash, apparently thinking himself quite clever, recently called his Grandma by her first name. She thought it was quite funny that he had picked up on what her name is and asked if he knew Grandpa, Daddy and Mommy's names. He correctly identified Grandpa and Daddy, but announced that Mommy's real name was, "Babe!"In Dash's defense, Mr. Incredible usually walks in the door and says, "Hi, Babe, how was your day?" It made me pause to realize just how much he picks up without any effort or … [Read more...]


For all the families out there with Jardin cribs, take note of the recent recall.   … [Read more...]

Maybe Jasmine and Ariel Aren’t So Bad?

Yes, they are. But this is worse. I am too overwhelmed to comment right now -- have at it Ladies. … [Read more...]

Scratch Cooking to support Organic Living

Thanks, Red, for posting your salsa recipe. I also totally agree with your comment from the Organic Living post that we can save a lot of money and also improve nutrition by cooking alot from scratch.I make my own salad dressings, I was raised on simple viniagrettes and so I tend to be shocked when I see the huge salad dressing aisle, I wonder who is buying all of this dressing! I use a store bought cruet and I just use the oil and vinegar lines on it. I use either safflower or olive oil with … [Read more...]

Salsa Recipe

Tomatoes are almost in season, so here is my very simple fresh salsa recipe, you can either blend these ingredients in a food processor, or my preference is to dice them up:2 ripe farm fresh tomatoes1/4-1/2 of an onion (preferably sweet or red onion)2T cilantro (fresh)1 clove garlic1 jalepeno (more or less for spice)salt to tastejuice of 1/2 a lime (optional)You can make this salsa sweet by adding a mango (delicious as a sauce on fresh fish (like Tilapia)If anyone has added tips or other great … [Read more...]

Building Community by Asking for Help

I recently befriended a woman in town with 2 children of similar age to my kids. We met at story hour, and after a few chats it was obvious to me that this woman was a serious Christian who attended church regularly and cared deeply about the religious upbringing of her children. We chatted effortlessly about church, local school choices, homeschooling, and cloth diapers, among other topics. As the spring session of story hour ended, we decided to make a playdate for our children to get … [Read more...]