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Probably Why More Builders are Runners

Running: The Type-A Workout“Running is ideal for type-A personalities who prefer routine, structure and a little self-competition,” says Jessica Smith. With a no-nonsense attitude and motivation to burn, you enjoy a no-strings workout that lets you enjoy the scenery (and solitude), anywhere at anytime. Plus, you can harness your own momentum to clinch that runner’s high. Make sure to invest in a supportive pair of sneakers.From: What Does Your Workout Say About You? By Melissa F. Pheterson … [Read more...]

Small Successes

1. Stayed caught up on laundry while in the midst of a family wide stomach virus2. Stayed caught up on school work by having kids read to me while folding laundry3. Produced one bland meal after another even though nauseated myself and out of groceriesI have to be honest, and I'm not sure that I can count this as a success, a week of queasiness has made me NEVER, EVER want to be pregnant again. Is that wrong? My baby is over a year old, and I was just beginning to forget about labor and … [Read more...]

Do You See What I See?

We recently discovered, with the help of our son's teacher, that he needs glasses. We survived the ophthalmologist appointment and will pick up the new specs in a few days. When the nurse walked me over to the wall of glasses and asked me what kind we would like, I asked for, "Whatever is the most indestructible." She showed me ones that you can literally bend in half and they won't break, thank goodness. Any tips from moms out there about glasses-wearing for young boys (Dash is a VERY … [Read more...]

How Do You Carry Baby?

As my due date draws nearer, I have been gathering all of the items that I know I will need immediately upon the birth of our next child. All of the neutral-colored baby clothes have been washed (but have yet to be folded!), the baby seat is in the minivan, and I'm gathering together my nursing-friendly clothes and other such things. I loved using the Ergo baby carrier when Maria was little (until she was about 18 months!), but remember that she wasn't really comfortable riding in it until … [Read more...]

Winter Olympics Unit Study

The Winter Olympics begin in just a few short weeks (February 12-28). I am planning to do an Olympic unit study with my oldest daughter Gianna (almost 6), and my pre-school age son Charlie (4). Our family loves sports, so the Olympics provide a great opportunity to learn about history, geography, sportsmanship, healthy eating, exercise, and even virtues like perseverance and discipline. My children are very young, so I'm not going to go crazy with the idea, but I do want to use our T.V. time … [Read more...]

I Love Zappos!

Gone are the days when I enjoy a shoe shopping trip. I've never been much of a shopper, but shoe shopping--that was fun. These days, I dread both clothes and shoe shopping obligations. I know MaryAlice feels similarly, so she has started to purchase clothes for her children online at Lands End. We have made a move in this directions for Christmas gifts, for some limited clothes purchases, and now think I'm going to take the plunge on shoes.Previously I had thought that shoes were something I … [Read more...]

A Higher Calling

Another inspiring story, and shockingly, this time it comes from ESPN. So often our athletes disappoint us with their blatantly immoral and selfish behavior. Most recently, Mark McGuire let us all know that he would have told the truth sooner if only he was granted immunity. According to McGuire, speaking truthfully is not in itself a duty he owes to other people, it is only something he would do if we guaranteed to him that he would not be held accountable for his actions. His failure to … [Read more...]

Pray for an End to Abortion

Today marks the 37th anniversary of the dreadful Roe v. Wade decision. Please take a moment today to pray for an end to abortion in this nation. Pray for all the women hurt by the terrible procedure and all those contemplating an abortion as the solution to their unplanned pregnancy. And please pray for all those attending the March for Life today in Washington DC. May it be a peaceful protest against the legalized killing of innocent children in our nation. … [Read more...]

Princeton Numbers Game

26,166 = # of applications received this year for Princeton's class of 20141300 = # of projected freshman to matriculate in the fall4.9% = an applicant's percentage chance of getting into the class of 201491% = the percentage increase in applications over the past 6 years74% = the percentage of applicants indicating intent to apply for financial aid$113 million = Princeton's budget for financial aidSource: Princeton sets application record for sixth year in a row … [Read more...]

Feel Good Story

So I'm a little late on this, but I came across this link today and was really inspired. Maddy Curtis, the 9th of 12 children (including 4 down syndrome brothers) was featured on American Idol and made it to "Hollywood." She is an evangelical convert to Catholicism, a cantor at her church, and the daughter of a wonderful woman who blogs here. Her mom is a big pro-life advocate, and overall I am just thrilled that Maddy is following her dream and representing her Catholic Faith so … [Read more...]