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Thoughts for Thursday

What am I cooking?Applesauce and cinnamon.  It's cooking right now and filling my kitchen with the most amazing smell.  And now I wish the humid air would go far away from here.  I'm ready for some crisp fall weather.What am I reading?The Silver Linings Playbook, by Matthew Quick.  I eat local food so I figured I'd give this locally written book a try.And the internet, including, ESPN, Crashburn Alley (a Phillies blog and hey, they did just clinch another playoff birth!), this blog by ch … [Read more...]

Apps, Music and PodCasts — Techno Catholicism

Pope Benedict XVI has encouraged us to use all forms of media for apostolic work, and I love that Mother Church recognizes the potential value of these new technologies.  My own mother is also very much in favor of technology, especially any kind that makes life easier or better.  To that end, in addition to giving PT a Kindle for his birthday, she gave me an iPhone for mine.  I gave my DH an iPad, which he is using to read on the train, listen to music and also watch the Phillies games at ni … [Read more...]

Boys That Read

A while ago I had to speak to our Town Council in defense of our small town library. That's right, they wanted to cut the library from the budget to pay for more parks and playing fields. Shouting over the noise of a torrential downpour pinging off metal-roofed fire station, I tried to explain to the all male town council why a local library was so important to a community, especially the children. To be perfectly honest, I think they were so shocked to see a female under the age of 65 at a Town … [Read more...]

Time to potty train?

My two and a half year old just changed his own poopy diaper while I was teaching kindergarten in the other room! … [Read more...]

We’re Digging the Dipper!

Ladies, I had mentioned the Baby Dipper bowl and spoon set a few weeks ago, and it has been a smashing success in our household!Pros: Sturdy design; The ability to feed baby with one hand because the bottom really is non-skid; Spoon is just the right shape and size; The slope in the bowl really does make it easier to scoop food!Cons: The only con that I can think of is that there is no lid available, so if I'm storing leftovers in the fridge I need to use plastic wrap.What baby products … [Read more...]

Burnt Cake!

Well, I just had my burnt cake moment, it is flat cake instead but we really messed up a cake recipe last night and it will have to be re-done today, except that I am out of sugar and eggs now, so there will be a trip to the store involved.  PT always makes his own cakes and this time he chose a rather involved and new Martha Stewart Boston Cream Pie recipe.  We started it at 9pm after being out for the twins birthday party, and there were cranky over tired kids all around us.  I was trying to su … [Read more...]

Thank God for Friday

Well, B-Mama tells us that by the end of the week her fridge is empty, but my groceries come on Thursdays, so while my fridge is full I find that by Fridays my reserves of energy and patience are what is running low!  Our weeks are busy by the calendar, but then there are always those unscheduled extras that put me over the top, play dates, birthdays, nightmares, potty training, a mother is like a clown who is already juggling while the ringmaster just keeps throwing in extra balls!This … [Read more...]

By Week’s End

I am astounded on (what seems like) a weekly basis how quickly our home runs out of food.  At the week's beginning, our fridge and pantry are burgeoning forth with edible goodness only to feel vacant and sparse by the weekend.  Usually at this time, my meal planning has gotten us through the week and I'm quickly running out of steam.  Alas, what is a mother to do but... cook pancakes!  They are easy, use ingredients most of us have all the time, and in this case, don't require eggs!  I found this … [Read more...]

Music for Us All

Parents, I just have to share this great CD with all of you! The artist, Steve Roslonek, sings with a talented group of children, and is also the "Steve" on PBS Kids, a connection that I just made after months of enjoying his music in our car! This is truly one of the few CD's that both my children and I can enjoy at the same time - the songs are clever and fun, and many also teach values such as hard work, honesty, and charity towards others. If you go to the website, you can hear some samples … [Read more...]

Thoughts for Thursday (Texas Mommy)

What am I cooking?Mini acorn cakes and mulled cider for the beginning of fall!What am I reading?Interior Freedom by Jacques PhillipeNorth and South by Elizabeth GaskellThe Explosive Child by Ross GreeneSimplicity ParentingMater et Magistra magazineThe Chosen, by Chaim PotokAnd my To Be Read pile on my nightstand is threatening to crush me in my sleep.What are my weekend plans?Was hoping to speed across Texas to visit Kat, but that will have to wait for another … [Read more...]