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Goin’ Back

Several of the Builders will be in Princeton for Reunions this weekend, it may be the largest gathering of builders since our time as undergraduates together.  Happy Tenth to the class of '01, and if any of our readers are in town to celebrate, look for us in the children's tent of the 10th reunion and introduce yourselves!  … [Read more...]

We’ll Take Daddy…

...anyway we can get him! Mr. Incredible spent last week in New York giving presentations, and the boys were riveted to the webcast version on his company's website. These kids are going to rock ECO 363 Corporate Finance someday! My husband's travel schedule has been pretty mild recently, but it often seems that those trips never come at a good time, probably because we always prefer life with Mr. Incredible here.When Dad is gone I tend to simplify things like meals. Last week I resurrected … [Read more...]

Good Behavior Club

My boys informed me today that they have formed a good behavior club. Of couse, I instantly thought it was some very localized off shoot of the Blue Knights and they would be spurring each other on to great virtues. Images of impeccably dressed boys treating each other with impeccable politeness danced in my head.My mistake.I was promptly informed the goal of the club is to slay dragons rather than, shall we say, use good table manners.At least I now know what they think when I tell them … [Read more...]

Travel with Wee Ones

We are gearing up for a 10-day excursion with all of the kids: In addition to two long-ish flights, we will be doing a serious amount of driving once we arrive in the Northeast (in order to maximize our time in this part of the country!). I've been looking for snacks and activities for my children, ages 7 (boy), 3.5 (girl), and 15 months (girl), but have been disappointed in the selection. Part of me is tempted to be quite minimalist in the "props" that we travel with, and simply pack a few … [Read more...]

Passion v. Pragmatism

So, I have lived 29 years of my life feeling like I don't really know what I am doing. I mean, sure, I know my priorities, and I live them with my actions and decisions, but life has always felt rather haphazard. You know, I have never had a five-year-plan or even a budget. I have survived by the seat of my pants, on a wing and a prayer and all those other cliches that mean God has been good. Well, then other people came into my life. First it was a baby girl while I was trying to be an Army … [Read more...]

My Favorite Lullaby

Out to dinner the other night with a bunch of moms, we got on the topic of lullabies we sing to our children.  To have seen this group of ladies sitting around singing to one another while out for a night away was beyond heartwarming!  It gave me the idea of sharing one of my all-time favorite lullabies with the blogosphere.  A later-life addition to my repertoire, I first heard this song sung by my husband to our firstborn and was taken by its peaceful melody.  Here is the link to the tune and b … [Read more...]

It’s the End of the World as we know it…

It seemed appropriate to open up a discussion on the recent news reports on the group that expects the Rapture coming this weekend.  As Catholics we believe that we will not know the day or the hour that the Lord will come, but it is impossible not to think, in the back of your mind, what if the world does end tomorrow?  Or what if it just ends for me?  Life, and the chance to live towards ones purpose on Earth, will end for some people every day, and the end will be totally unexpected.  Even whe … [Read more...]

The Honesty of a Child

After about 30 minutes of vacuuming out the family minivan on an exceptionally humid, sticky afternoon, I stepped back to admire my handiwork. My son stood with me and remarked, "Mom, the car still looks dirty."Oh well, at least I know that I cleaned it :) … [Read more...]

The Lillies of the Field…

**The plumber came out today to fix the disposal and guess what -- he pushed the reset button on the bottom and it was all fixed!  Then, he told me that he didn't want to have to charge me a service charge for doing nothing, so he sold me some organic drain cleaner in lieu of the service charge.So, I think that draperies are back on the list. -- and don't worry, you'll get to weigh in, because I have figured out how to scan my swatches into PDFs!!I haven't really told everyone that I am in … [Read more...]

The Dentist and the Kids

So, my older children had their bi-annual dentist cleanings yesterday afternoon, and the dentist found two (!) in-between-the-teeth cavities in my 7 year-old son. Apparently I am supposed to be flossing my son's teeth - somehow I missed this, which makes me feel quite negligent, although I don't remember flossing MY teeth at the age of 7 and I never had these problems! In any case, my son also had a regular cavity in his molar a couple of years ago, so this is his third - and he is only 7! I'm … [Read more...]