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When a little girl turns two…

She is bashful of candles.She is enamored of bubbles.She is "assisted" by generous brothers.She eats cake with the help of her daddy.And she charms all around her because she's so darn sweet...Thank you, Lord. … [Read more...]

The Veil is So Thin

Good afternoon, dear readers! I apologize for being a bit absent over the past week - in these summer months, there isn't much down-time in our household! Between bringing kids to camp, playing countless games of Candy Land and Polly Pockets, and keeping a 2 year-old (who has taken a hiatus from napping this week, ahhh!) out of the endless supply of tasty treats that sits on our kitchen counter, I have not spent much time sitting at the computer.Let me begin by saying that our hearts are … [Read more...]

A Lover of Justice

My son loves justice. Mercy will need to be taught with time. He makes swords, daggers, and spears out of linking cubes.  Always fighting the "bad guys," he has temporarily agreed to imprison rather than execute them.As I watch my children play in the backyard, I see two of his younger siblings entrapped in a hockey net or soccer goal.  The perpetual "bad guys," these two are just happy to be included in his play.  When driving in the car this past week, I heard my older son tell my yo … [Read more...]

One Week Old

[Read more...]

Princeton professor’s new take on old feminism debate

Have you all read this article, "Why Women Still Can't Have it All", published Wednesday night in The Atlantic? The author, Anne-Marie Slaughter, is our old pal, the former Dean of Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School, who just finished a two-year stint under Hillary Clinton in the State Department.This article is at the same time super lengthy and impossible to skim, so just getting through it might challenge your work-life balance--maybe try it with a glass of red wine tonight after the kids … [Read more...]

My New Addition

Our family welcomed our son, Teddy, on June 19.  I was induced but delivered naturally, thanks to a great team effort.  My husband held my hand through all of my contractions, two grandparents were with us and two were taking care of our six children at home, and we felt wonderfully supported.  We even got placed with a nurse who was able to keep up with Mr. MA's sense of humor and give as good as she got!  Grace abounded.  The next day, the older children came over to meet their brother, and wha … [Read more...]

When Your Child Isn’t The Best

What do you do when your child is not very good at something?  Do you let them continue?  Or do you steer them toward activities more suited for their gifts?I started swimming when I was a wee one--swim lessons, private lessons.  I sunk like a rock doing backstroke.  My freestyle was okay.  Butterfly was out of the question.My first summer competing on a summer league, I was always in the third and slowest heat.  I swam on the "C" relay, which meant I cheered on my teammates and hoped we … [Read more...]

Mass Times

MaryAlice posted some great vacation tips recently, which included going to Mass when travelling. Our children always think it is neat to go to new churches. The novelty of the space makes for engaged kids and better than average behavior. Yet, the sameness of the Mass across the globe is a reassuring reminder of the universality of the Catholic Church.A phenomenal resource for finding Mass times and locations of Catholic Churches is We have used this site extensively when we … [Read more...]

How to Make Sure your Child Suffers from Burnout

How to make sure your child suffers from burnout and fails to become a well-rounded person.1.  Find an area in which they excel and make them practice it for prolonged periods of time each day, starting as young as possible.2.  Only make time for one activity, letting your child know they don’t have time to play another sport or participate in another activity because they are so gifted in this one “special” activity.3.  Focus on drills and skills, creativity and fun should always com … [Read more...]

Annie’s Birth

Dear friends,First, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind words and fervent prayers throughout the past months, and especially over the past couple of days. As we have said to many people, Tuesday was a beautiful day for our family, and now we have begun the hard work of healing.Anastasia Rose was born at 2:13 pm on June 12th, and weighed in at 3 lbs, 12 oz, measuring 16 inches long. She lived for a couple of minutes, just long enough for Ed to baptize her and for us to … [Read more...]