Christianity in Commerce

I don't know if it is the maturity that comes with being a few years into my thirties, or sheer necessity, but I am finally ready to become a businesslike woman. Several transactions of which I have been apart recently have made me reconsider my dealings with service providers. In short, if you are billing me, I do not need to be your friend. I will be polite, respectful and honest with you, but the overly friendly thing has failed me one too many times.As an extremely extroverted … [Read more...]

Vegetable Labor

Feeding family vegetables is hard work. Hard, but necessary, I get it.A combination of: being raised in California, reading Michael Pollan, and fulfilling the duties of an Army wife to keep her husband trim has honed my focus on getting fresh vegetables into my crew. Let's face it, men will only eat vegetables that are washed and cut and put in front of them. Also Texas Mommy forced me to make all my own baby purees, and, consequently all four children are great consumers of produce as well. … [Read more...]

Redemptive Haircuts

There is a curious barbershop on our military post, near where my husband goes to work each day. It has an inauspicious brick exterior and erratic hours. For the first couple months we lived here at Fort Leavenworth we tried to figure out how to get haircuts at this place... we had heard they were $4 apiece! My husband took our sons in a couple times and was told that they could only get their 30 minutes in a barber chair with an appointment. It seemed inconvenient, but we gave it a shot. The … [Read more...]

Feast of Saint Nicholas

Each year I have tried to shift the focus away from Santa Claus to the real Wonderworker, Saint Nicholas. It is 16 degrees outside on my porch right now and I just plopped clementines, golden coins, and chocolate SAINT NICOLASes into four little rain boots. This website is beautiful and full of resources and ideas for young and old alike to enjoy this historical feast day in the first week of Advent. I think Saint Nicholas is also an important Saint because he has great importance in the Eastern … [Read more...]

Why oh Why do you Come?

Our house is just us. The nuclear AWOL Family is alone after a solid month of in-home company. Granted, the first three weeks were my mom and some dad time, but the most recent week we hosted my husband's aunt and uncle. After these bouts of quasi-hospitality I find myself sitting in my quiet kitchen flabbergasted and wondering... "why would anyone come to visit us?" Most days were so loud, both 60+ men that stayed with us repeatedly stepped on toys and were awoken by a bossy shrieking 20-month … [Read more...]

Catholic Publications

Friends, Readers... I would be remiss if I did not link to this article¬†( on the common phenomenon of the strange comments and judgements to which we expose ourselves by having families open to life. But, I would also like to point out that this article was published in Crisis Magazine. I remember when my mom was trying to help finance this publication as it got off the ground. Now it is solely online, not available … [Read more...]

Columbus Day Camping

Newly back in America after five years of living in Europe, we are getting into all things American. So we went camping. This is the first time we have busted out camping gear that we were given as wedding gifts. Ten years, no camping, but here we went.While loading the car I left the crucial bag with headlamps, nighttime diaper and camera on the table. I attempted tin-foil pocket dinners that were horribly burned in the fire, and we kind of froze in the "girls' tent" because I overestimated … [Read more...]

I Don’t Want to Be Told That Women Can Have It All

... and Professor Elizabeth Corey has finally laid out the tradeoff in a beautiful, thought-provoking manner I appreciate. Please stop reading me with your free time and read this, it has given me food for thought and fodder for argument for nearly a week now. I simply cannot stop thinking about the way in which Prof. Corey frames the debate of working v. stay-at-home-mothering.Essentially, Professor Corey writes that there are two competing desires within modern women: a)the desire to … [Read more...]

Bizarro Army Stepford Neighborhood

The Army has plunked us down in beautiful Kansas, but boy is our neighborhood strange. We are back in the States for the first time in five years, after a lovely stint in Germany and we chose to live on the Army base here. For those of you who do not have experience with the military pay structure, every time our family moves we are given two options: 1) live in the appropriate size house on the Army post where my husband works or 2) accept a housing pay allowance to live off-post at an … [Read more...]

High-top Sneakers

By most accounts, I am a young mother. I had my first daughter at 22 and I still feel pretty hip at 31 years of age. However, I have certain style prejudices for "mother-age" women which are now coming into conflict with my own membership in this age group. OK, prepare to be alienated: I don't even think women over 40 should have hair beyond their shoulders, it seems absurd. I am not sure about women above thirty wearing shorts either. Fingernail polish colors should become limited to about two … [Read more...]