A Final Post

Hello friends and dear readers,We have been doing some soul-searching over here at Building Cathedrals, assessing our future and deciding in what direction we'd like to take this blog. After much prayer and conversation, we have come to a consensus to continue our little blog over at www.buildingcathedrals.com. We intend to use the site to maintain our archives and post thoughts sporadically. It seems the the more children we have and the older our children get, the less blogging can be a … [Read more...]

Marriage Under the Microscope

I'll never forget visiting with my first married friend a few months after her wedding. We expected her to walk in starry-eyed and head-over-heels (isn't that what Hollywood dictates?) Instead, she was wide-eyed and serious as she said, "Girls, marriage is really tough." Wow.Twelve years into my own marriage, I think back on those words and posture what she was getting at. I think to achieve happiness and oneness in marriage, you really have to work at it. Life pulls us in every direction. Ki … [Read more...]

A Weekend In the Mountains

"How in the world are you going to camp with five children?" They said we couldn't do it. People scoffed. They questioned.But guess what?We had a ball.Did we sleep much either night? Not really.Did we return unscathed or unbruised? Definitely not.Did we split our sides with laughter over the campfire? Absolutely.Did we enjoy new friendships and watch our children become explorers? Yes, indeed.Word on the street is that yours truly zip lined through the camp, children r … [Read more...]

Grace in Weakness

Lately it feels like bad news permeates my little corner of the world, trickling in from friends and people in my life who I love. Someone has lost a loved one; another has learned of cancer; yet another is suffering from marital trouble. It is clearly a season where people are struggling, grieving, trying to put one foot in front of the other. Add onto that our national and global problems and I find it pretty easy to get pulled into the quagmire of sadness. There has never been a more crucial t … [Read more...]

Monday Meanderings

With the chill in the air and a warm pot of soup simmering on my stovetop this morning, Autumn is coming alive in our world and in my heart despite not yet starting officially. The season awakens in all that surrounds me. Football games are endless on TV and on the field as my second oldest commences his first flag football season (Go Browns!). Soccer Saturdays are in full swing as my #1 and #3 play for rec teams in the area (Go Bengals! Go Guppies!). Apple-picking is on the calendar, as is camp … [Read more...]

Back To School Rules

Yesterday I packed up my boys, helped them buckle their belts and wipe their faces, and sent them off on their first day of school. It felt for a moment like the heavens parted and glory rained down upon my motherly soul. Thank you, Jesus! We made it. But what about the preparations?! How does a mother truly prepare for that first day of school without eventually wanting to pull her hair out? At one point, I was so frustrated buying school supplies, I was ready to quit and send my kids to school … [Read more...]

A Shoe Solution: The Croc Monster

One thing driving me bananas this summer is children's shoes lying every which way all over the house. When kids are in school this is a much simpler situation to manage. But during the summer, my children are constantly in and out of our back door to play, in and out of the garage door to swim practice and summer adventures, putting shoes on and taking them off… And they end up everywhere! I find shoes under chairs and pianos, in our seldom-used dining room, even in the game cupboard the other d … [Read more...]

Dental Boot Camp: Brushing Up on Kids’ Oral Hygiene

I had the privilege of hauling my crew of 5 into the dentist for our bi-annual check-up yesterday. You might have heard us as we paraded down the hallway and into the already-packed waiting area. I could hear the minds of the people there buzzing with questions and comments, but I chose to keep my head held high and delighted in the energy of my wonderful crew. They played nicely in the corner toy area as we waited. A few minutes later, four hygienists showed up at the door and in went my four … [Read more...]

Kids and Coasters

I remember the day. I remember the feeling of disappointment.My kid was too afraid to go on the merry-go-round. Too frightened to drive the bumper cars. Too overwhelmed to step foot in the little boats that drove in a circle. I was the thrill-seeking mother who rode the Demon Drop at age 5. Was this my kid? How I wish I could beam myself back to that moment, give myself a pat on the back, and remind myself to chill.  Kids need time to grow and develop at their own pace.Fast forward 7 y … [Read more...]

Thinking Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means it's time to start planning for summer success. That's right--not just survival, folks, success. We can do this. Let's pretend until it's true...For all of the homeschooling mamas/papas out there, you have my absolute admiration and can start putting up your feet (like that will happen--ha!). But for the rest of us who send our kids to school-- WE. ARE. ON.Here are a few things on my mind as I look ahead to summer:1) SUNSCREEN: I have a … [Read more...]