ICYMI: New American Blessed

The Church in America had a wonderful moment this weekend, and in Jersey no less (I write this little tease with extreme love, I assure you, since that's where Red and half of my family lives). Not only did it add a new Blessed to the fold of holy men and women -- Miriam Teresa Demjanovich -- but we had our first *ever* beatification liturgy on American soil. This is beautiful for us not only as Catholics, but as American Catholics!As I was reading articles on Blessed Miriam Teresa, I was … [Read more...]

Consuming vs. Creating

I read this article (Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent) in the New York Times a few days ago and have been mulling over some of the highlights for a few days. Interestingly, it wasn't necessarily the broader points about boundaries (while allowing for the reality that we live in a technological world) or the final note that Steve Jobs home encouraged educational discussions over dinner and family time that were the most memorable (although I was thrilled to read all of it, and thought it a fairly … [Read more...]

Slowing down for meals

I would put good money on the fact that since many of our families are busy, busy, busy, many mealtimes are often hastily cooked and dolled out, especially dinner. As such, I found this post on slowing down mealtimes (from Haley over at Carrots for Michaelmas writing as a guest on Kitchen Stewardship) really refreshing.When I was young, even with many activities, my mother still tried to have most of our meals sitting at the dining room table. I didn't fully appreciate it as much as I do n … [Read more...]

Anyone here this morning?

Happy Monday y'all! This morning is the first day of school for many, and I'm sending a little hug to you whether this is your very first day of school, or your fifth! Rock on mamas! High fives all around!Ok. That being said, does anyone feel like it's been chaos today?I don't have the excuse -- my peanut is a few years away from school -- but our day, despite the best of intentions and mental planning for what will be a busy week in our home, has not started off, errr, in a stellar … [Read more...]

God always provides

We've had an interesting few weeks out here in the West, I have to say.It started with a planned 3-month move for work to a town 8 hours away, and the road trip that we made (with our cars packed to the gills with essentials + our daughter + 1 car seat that takes up half the car + our dogs) was thankfully uneventful. Ok, ok, ok, maybe there was a non-essential or two, but it's summer and why leave the ice cream maker at home I always say. Anyhoo, I will spare you pictures if what that looked … [Read more...]

An American parenting “culture”?

For a somewhat lighthearted read I recently went to our local library and checked out "Bringing Up Bebe", whichcame out a few years ago and explores how the French parent raise children. Has anyone read it? As a spoiler for those who haven't (sorry), there is "one way" to parent (or, rather, "educate") in France. Most chapters conclude that almost all, if not all, French parents do "x" for any number of things, such as introducing food, getting wee little frenchmen to sleep through the night (he … [Read more...]


This weekend our family flew to Houston for my sister-in-law's graduation, and we had the opportunity to slip away for a few hours to take Pia to the zoo for the first time. I love zoos. As such, I know my husband thinks this trip was actually for me and not for our daughter, but I think it was actually for all of us. Not just because exotic animals are super cool (they are), or because we desperately needed some alone family time (we did), or because we needed fresh air and exercise (again, … [Read more...]

The technology culprit

This isn't going to be a terribly deep post...and may even be disjointed, so I apologize... but I just wanted to note that I've really been made aware lately of how dramatically different I exist now with a smartphone in my possession than I did before without it. The differences didn't happen overnight as I've had one for almost three years. I will say as a caveat that a handful aren't even necessarily bad differences...but... some of them are...I've noticed these differences with … [Read more...]

“For He is Risen, As He Said…”

Happy Easter!We traveled with a joyful sorrow through Lent, and here we are on the other side...on the side of tidied hearts and kept promises and reinvigorated faith. I know that sometimes it is so easy to lack enthusiasm for Lent, but as I sit here on Easter Monday, I am thoroughly grateful for it and for the grace I was given as I struggled through it. I'm grateful for the increased discipline it put in my life in very specific areas within my family life, and for the hard work of trying … [Read more...]

Power-House Quick Mix for Busy Families

My mother was a vegetarian in her teens and early twenties mostly for health reasons... all before meeting the son of a cattle rancher. As a result -- and even as we had a farm of our own and ate meat often growing up -- she knew a lot about the chemistry and nutrition combo's to get complete protein in other ways.She recently reminded some of the younger mommas in our family about one of her go-to recipes, and I thought you might like it. What's great about it is that it can be a base for … [Read more...]