No More Charting?

Has anyone heard about the new TempDrop sensor? We have been talking for years about how there needs to be a more sophisticated process for fertility monitoring/NFP and this new technology from Israel looks promising. The basic idea is that that you go to sleep with a basal temperature sensor under your arm and that by the time you wake up your lowest basal temp is already synced to your phone app.It seems like it was created for women who are trying to conceive, especially later in life. … [Read more...]


This is the time of year when every store seems to have their Christmas trees front and center flashing their LED lights. My 2 year old is entranced and awed by such a sight. I always have to remind myself to see the beauty of it from a 2 year old's perspective instead of thinking of them as tacky and out of season.Perhaps hoping to inspire my 2 year old to deeper contemplation in the shopping cart at Costco, I asked, "And who was born on Christmas?"To which he responded confidently, "A p … [Read more...]

Between the Feasts of Angels

Yesterday the Church celebrated the Feast of the Archangels and on Thursday, October 2nd, we celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels. We usually do some fun treats and crafts by way remembering these special feast days, but with selling our house in my 3rd trimester, we aren't doing much this year. Which is why I was especially happy when my wonderful husband sent me this Ignatius post by Peter Kreeft on "The Twelve Most Important Things to Know About Angels"  that I could read with the boys. … [Read more...]

Can Kids Still Play Outside?

The issues brought up in this article in which a Texas woman was visited by CPS for allowing her child to play 150 yards from her house completely freak me out. I don't know any details about this particular case other than what is in the article, but I often have fears about letting me kids walk down to a neighbors house without me. What if someone calls the police? We have another homeschooled 10 year old on our street, and, yet, I worry about the consequences of them playing outside together … [Read more...]

Another Lands’ End Warning

Over the last week, Lands' End customers, many of whom were ordering school uniforms for their grade school children, complained about receiving an unsolicited issue to GQ with a topless woman on the cover prompting a formal apology from Lands' End and the cancellation of all GQ subscriptions. Today, the CEO sent out another email warning customers that they could still receive another issue of GQ as they were unable to stop all of the September issues from sending.  So please keep a close ey … [Read more...]

Lands’ End: Uniforms and Porn Follow up

Thank you to all who took the time to write, post on social media or call Lands' End regarding the automatic sending of a magazine including nude pictures to customers placing orders of over $100 after the original post Land's End Warning: Order School Uniforms, Get Porn. Lands' End PR changed their tune dramatically from their "not our fault be we can unsubscribe you" justification from my first contact with them over the weekend.I have been overwhelmed with the response to this issue and … [Read more...]

Land’s End Warning: Order School Uniforms, Get Porn

Upon getting our mail on Saturday we found a pornographic magazine addressed to my name, followed by "A Land's End Bonus". Thanks be to God that our boys had not gotten the mail that day, as they usually do to help their pregnant mama. We were horrified that this could end up in our mailbox via ordering school uniforms from our sweet part time Christian school.A call to Land's End Customer service revealed that any customer placing an on line order of over $100 could be sent this as a "free … [Read more...]

(No More) All of a Kind Family

Our boys have loved listening to the All of a Kind Family series by Sydney Taylor, which were originally introduced to us by MaryAlice. We have definitely considered ourselves an "all of a kind" family of the opposite gender. We have very, very boyish boys. Sometimes we refer to the upstairs as the frat house. However, we have shocking (and soooo exciting) news that someone is about to break up the boy party!Our latest ultrasound showed that our growing little one is a GIRL!! The ultrasound … [Read more...]

Stroller advice

After making it 4 kids and 9 years with my "Free with registry" umbrella stroller, I find that I need to purchase a new lightweight stroller for the first time. I love our double BOB for running, but at present I am not supposed to carry our 30+ pound 2 year old and I need a small, lightweight stroller that I can use just for  him. I have tended to wear our kids in the ergo until they don't need a stroller, because I have always found it easier (even when on crutches) but I can't do that at … [Read more...]

The Pope on Sports

Pope Francis recently shared some beautiful thoughts on sports. Red alludes to this often...the great life lessons that we and our children can learn though sports. "Enter into the game with others and with God; do not be satisfied with a mediocre 'draw,' but instead give the best of yourself, spend your life for what it is really worth and for what will last for ever." Teamwork, discipline, effort, inclusiveness. As someone who grew up an athlete and also helped with Special Olympics, the … [Read more...]