Confession–How we roll

There is nothing like trying to keep 3 energetic, active brothers quiet in a chapel for the 10 minutes needed to go to the Sacrement of Reconciliation to make me lose my sense of peace and recollection. And, so, this morning, I am very, very thankful for Angry Birds and Doodle Jump and anything that begins with a lowercase i. And, of couse, for the grace from Our Lord to begin again. … [Read more...]

Epic October

Since there is a noticeable dearth of October baseball posts from MaryAlice and Red this year and we all miss Mr. MA's poetry, I will fill in the void before it's too late.I grew up in St. Louis, my husband was born in Dallas. Our family has an AL and an NL team that we root for...the Rangers and the Cardinals. So this World Series  is epic...determining bragging rights for all future family Thanksgivings, Christmases, etc. for possibly the rest of our lives. There is a lot riding on it!I … [Read more...]

Fall Celebration

The boys and I have spent the last few weeks reading through our apple book basket and since, to my great dismay, there is no apple picking in our area, we decided to have our own apple harvest party. I bought a bunch of different kinds of apples we invited some grandparents and we had an apple tasting party. Simple, easy and sweet, and so much fun!  … [Read more...]

For MaryAlice on Michaelmas

Unsurprisingly, we have been slaying cupcakes for years on this feast day  at the Incredible household.Here is a requested picture. This is Incredibaby at 14 months in 2009 (apparently we also painted that day!): … [Read more...]

Ode to My Husband’s Risotto*

Last week we had a joyful day While Mr. Incredible worked far away. We wanted to share it while he was far from home, so we emailed him pictures to his iPhone.The three happy brothers reacted with glee to see our new little one floating on the little TV! That's right....we have a tiny new one who just can't wait to join the fun!For weeks now my stomach has done flip flops And sometimes there is just one thing to make it stop. Last week the baby wanted risotto at nine o'clock. My husband … [Read more...]


Inspired by temperatures that have dropped below 100 (and perhaps some wishful thinking), we spent the weekend cleaning closets, trying on, sorting and handing down winter clothes.I realized that our infant car seat had been in the closet for several years and a google search told me that it would have an expiration date on it. Sure enough. It expired in 2010.So what am I supposed to do with it? The internet says to cut the straps and throw it away so it can't be reused. This seems like an … [Read more...]

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

...for the exhausted Mommy. I made the mistake of telling the boys yesterday that we would make a treat for today's Feast of the Holy Cross. But this morning making something like microwave popcorn seemed to require a heroic amount of energy.Thankfully I had exactly 2 store bought tortillas left in the fridge and set up a station for our resident baker with a cookie cutter, melted butter and sugar and cinnamon. After he brushed and sprinkled we popped them in the oven for about 8 minutes … [Read more...]


My husband alerted me to this interesting article titled Homeschool Blindspots, by Reb Bradley. It has great thoughts on raising Christian kids whether or not you homeschool. It is so very easy to get caught in a trap of trying to fulfill our own plans at the expense of others and criticizing and controlling when your children are with you all day everyday! … [Read more...]

In the Know

Last Tuesday I got a call from Red. She immediately let me know that she was ok and B-Mama was ok. I was about to let her know how our Tuesday was going as well, which was apparently not the correct response and she asked, "You know about the earthquake, right?"I was trying to process the fact that to my knowledge both ladies were at home on the east coast and asked Red to let me know what on earth was going on.This is fairly indicative of my grasp on current events at this stage. I used to … [Read more...]

Good Riddance

Some of my older friends tell of a time when they went en masse with their siblings to the hospital to get everyone's tonsils removed. While those days are over and surgery more rare, 3 builders will have had children who needed tonsils removed within a year, all for different reasons and I know many more who have had the same.B-Mama's son is next up, with his slatted to be removed on tomorrow, Friday. Please say a prayer for their little man (and his mama). While we all hate to see our little … [Read more...]