This Week in Pro-Choice Prayer

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40 Days of Prayer to Stop the War on Women is a campaign by Faith Aloud, with a prayer a day beginning September 28 and leading up to the election.

Faith Aloud is a movement to give spiritual support to persons making reproductive decisions. As people of religious faith and conviction, Faith Aloud supports reproductive justice for every person. Our struggle for reproductive freedom includes issues concerning: abortion, adoption, choice, LGBTQ rights, Same-sex marriage, reproductive health and their intersections with faith and spirituality.

Here are the prayers for the first week:

Day 1:  We pray that women will be treated with respect and dignity by everyone who holds power.

Day 2:  We pray for elected officials, that the laws they champion will improve the quality of women’s health.

Day 3:  We pray for women for whom pregnancy is not good news, that they know they have choices.

Day 4:  We pray for our daughters and granddaughters, that they have the power to make their own good choices.

Day 5:  For the 53 million good American women who have chosen abortion, we pray that they find the strength to speak out for other women.

Day 6:  For women who have experienced sexual assault, we pray for laws that protect them instead of shaming them.

Day 7:  We pray for the end to unnecessary and invasive medical procedures before abortions.

I’ll be posting a week’s worth of the prayers at a time here, and encourage you to pray, share, and post them widely.


About Caryn Riswold

Caryn D. Riswold is a feminist theologian in the Lutheran tradition. She is Professor of Religion and also teaches Gender and Women’s Studies at Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois, where she has worked for over a decade teaching undergraduates to think critically and creatively about religion. She earned her Ph.D. and Th.M. from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, holds a master’s degree from the Claremont School of Theology, and received her B.A. from Augustana College in her childhood hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.