A Random Numbered List of Reasons Why I Hate Those Lists and Haven’t Posted Much Recently

  1. Starting a semester with three seminar classes full of energetic undergraduates.
  2. Including fifteen first-year students adjusting to college.
  3. With nineteen students learning about women’s studies via things like the Defined Lines feminist parody.  (It’s a #sexcrime …)
  4. The numbers on these lists are arbitrary and meaningless.
  5. Coordinating three local agencies hosting said first-year students doing service-learning.
  6. My own related volunteer service at another local agency.
  7. Leading eleven students through the history of the Catholic Church’s arguments against ordaining women.
  8. Writing a list is lazier than constructing an argument or telling a story.
  9. Grading fifteen first-college-assignment writing assignments.
  10. Dining with said first-year students at the home of our new college president. (Pictured above!)
  11. Booking travel and lodging for four upcoming professional trips.
  12. Observing several colleagues’ teaching for purposes of formation and review.
  13. Writing lengthy detailed letters about said colleagues for institutional review processes.  (Maybe I should write them in list form!  No!!)
  14. Choosing to read an article based on the number of things in the list is even lazier than writing it in the first place.
  15. Drafting two conference papers for presentations later in the fall.
  16. Expanding a prospectus for a book chapter on vocation and undergraduate education.
  17. Writing an article on what justice for women means when the category of “woman” is contested.
  18. Some sites use those list articles to simply generate more page views.
  19. Faculty meetings, departmental conferences, and academic year opening ritual procession and events.
  20. A home computer with performance issues that is seeking help from local tech experts.
  21. Apparently, they’re called listicles.
  22. Stay tuned, dear readers.  More is on the way.  And not in list form.
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