Why do we confess our sins when God knows them already? St. Augustine tells us that we can’t hide our sins from God, but not confessing them will hide God from us. Lord, the depths of a man’s conscience are bare to your eyes. What in me could be hidden from you, even if I were unwilling to confess it to you? By not confessing I would hide you from myself, not myself from you. For when I am wicked,… Read more

Review by Julie Abell Last year I read Costanza Miriano’s book Marry Him and Be Submissive.  It is a wonderful book and I recommend every woman read and internalize the message.  Now I just finished a book also by Costanza that by the title and the cover would seem to indicate that it is for men, but it is not – Marry Her and Die for Her.  This is another “must-read” book.  This newer book gives “Radical advice on how… Read more

When St. Gregory the Great was pope, the government in Dalmatia ordained a bishop named Maximus to the See of Salona, setting aside the bishop who had been legitimately elected. The governor of the province wanted to be reconciled with the pope, but Gregory tells him that he can’t expect forgiveness while he’s still participating in the evil. I have received your highness’s letter, in which you speak of having provoked my displeasure, and of wishing to be in favor… Read more

In poetic rhythms that recall the ancient Hebrew Psalms, St. Ephrem the Syr­ian warns us not to look for faults in our neighbors. If we’re so keen on righ­teousness, we should be judging ourselves. Do not look for the faults of your friend. Do not repeat the shortcomings of your neighbors in your talk. You are not the judge of creation. You do not have dominion over the earth. If you love righteousness, admonish your soul and your­self. Be the… Read more

Karl Keating is founder and senior fellow at Catholic Answers. He is the author of seven books, including his most recent, The New Geocentrists and The Ultimate Catholic Quiz. His books Catholicism and Fundamentalism and What Catholics Really Believe have been national best sellers. Join Karl Keating and I as we discuss his journey in apologetics on Episode 064 of Off the Shelf. As he notes in the subtitle of his latest book his career in apologetics was more by accident and less by design. We take… Read more

Some are rich and some are poor. Who’s better off ? As Hermas learns in one of his visions, the rich need the poor even more than the poor need the rich. “Do you see the elm and the grapevine?” he said. “I see them, sir,” I replied. “This grapevine,” he continued, “produces fruit, and the elm is a fruitless tree. But unless the vine is trained on the elm, it can’t bear much fruit trailing along the ground. And… Read more

People who live in wealth are not really fortunate, says St. John Chrysostom. We need to take a long-term view when we’re deciding who is really happy. Robbers lie in wait in the way and plunder travelers, and hide the wealth of others in their own lurking-places, caves or dens. Do not think they are happy on account of the present, but miserable on account of the future—the fearful judgment, the inevitable account to be rendered, the outer darkness that… Read more

St. Ephrem the Syrian tells us that the poor are Christ visiting us in disguise. When the poor bless us for our kindness, Christ himself is blessing us. Love poverty. Desire neediness. If you have both for your portion, you have an inheritance on high. Do not despise the voice of the poor man, and do not give him reason to curse you. For if the man whose palate is bitter curses you, the Lord will hear his petitions. If… Read more

Nestled in Pittsburgh’s Troy Hill neighborhood is a treasure not often seen outside of the Vatican itself. At first, what appears to be an unassuming Catholic chapel, is actually the home to the world’s largest collection of relics held outside of Rome. Christopher Reibold, known as the Saint Story Guy, brings to life the stories of the saints whose relics are part of the collection in his fantastic book The Saints at the Chapel: Thrilling Tales of History’s Holiest Heroes…. Read more

Can you buy repentance with the fruits of your sin? No, says Commodianus: God rejects gifts that come from the proceeds of your sin and injustice. Why do you senselessly pretend to be good by the wound of another? Because of what you give, another is weeping every day. Do you think the Lord does not see these things from heaven? One gives gifts so that he may impoverish another. Or if you have lent on usury at 24%, you… Read more

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