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Did New Testament Authors See Their Writings as Inspired?

There has been much work done on the New Testament’s view and use of the Old Testament, with good reason. Many of the historical claims of the Old Testament have been contested (e.g. a historical Adam, the Noahic flood, the Exodus) and so theologians have turned to the New Testament to show that Christ and [Read More…]

Harmony in Cacophony: How to Select Biblical Songs for Corporate Worship

What then are the criteria for selecting songs to include in Sunday worship? Good criteria can dramatically reduce the number of songs to select from and help place the one selecting them on a firm foundation as he prepares to lead God’s people in singing His praises. [Read more…]

Did Jesus Ever Speak About Homosexuality?

Whenever I get into a discussion on homosexuality I almost always encounter the line, “Jesus never spoke about homosexuality.” The pro-homosexuality party uses it as a trump card, as if it utterly shows the Christian view to be inconsistent and wrong. In this article I wish to show two things: first, how even if it [Read More…]

Is the Cross a Revelation of My Value? A Response to Todd White

At the outset I want to make my purpose in this article clear: I will respond to the claim of Todd White in this video that the cross of Christ is not the revelation of the depth of sin in the sinner but the revelation of the sinners value. I am not making any statement [Read More…]

On Prayer And The New Year

I am not suggesting that one replace his whole prayer time with reading prayers or that he give up spontaneous praying in favor of reading prayers, but that he add to those disciplines the practice of reading prayers written by others. I suggest this resolution for the following reasons. [Read more…]

Debunking 8 Common Christmas Story Myths

Around this time of year, many Christians take time specifically to celebrate the birth of Christ. Yet a number of myths have arisen around the story, ones with no actual basis in Scripture. Without further ado, here are eight of them. [Read more…]