What Would You Do to Get into Prison?

Most people would consider life in prison a horrible fate. Not 73-year-old Walter Unbehaun. He robbed a bank earlier this month because he wanted to be in prison for the rest of his life.Unbehaun has spent most of his adult life in prison and was released most recently in 2011 after serving a 10-year sentence. After reading the news reports, it sounds like the years behind bars have taken a toll on him, making freedom more difficult than captivity.Freedom was so uncomfortable that … [Read more...]

How Our Kids and Grandkids Inherit Our Stress

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed, every little glitch and hiccup in your life is magnified? When my emotions are frayed, stress seems to build with every setback, real or perceived.Typically this mentality of stress can be traced back to something in particular happening in my current life stage, whether it be a looming work deadline or an unsettling situation or whatever. But recent research findings suggest that the origins of our stress go back even further—like to our p … [Read more...]

Hello Kitty Goes into Space

Seventh-grader Lauren Rojas from Antioch, California wanted to test the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature for her school science project.Her plan was to launch a weather balloon into space and record the findings using borrowed flight gear from High Altitude Science and video cameras from GoPro Hero2. But then she gave her project a little zip.She sent Hello Kitty along for the ride in the most adorable silver space rocket. Check it … [Read more...]

The Battle of Sexes and Two Guys Strapped to a Childbirthing Pain Simulator

Remember those schoolyard challenges in which each kid is determined to prove her mom/dad is better than any other mom/dad? There is no way to win such a subjective debate, but the game is played nonetheless.So it is with the Battle of the Sexes. Men and women volley shots, some good-natured, some with ill intent. Regardless of the skill in play, there is no way to win. Challenges that assert females-are-better-than-males or vice versa may pass time but will never produce a definitive … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: Nigella Lawson Refuses to Airbrush Her Curves for The Taste

Did you hear about the latest celebrity photo airbrushing incident?The buzz surrounds English food writer Nigella Lawson, who is one of the hosts/judges on ABC’s new show The Taste. Promotional materials for the show include Lawson, who is wearing a form-fitting dress. And it shows the curve of her stomach.Rounded stomachs are frowned upon in Hollywood, however. Airbrushing techniques are typically used to create a more subtle curve so as to not offend the Hollywood standard.Lawson r … [Read more...]

Mixed Signals: A Sexy Celebration of Roe v. Wade?

What happens when the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) asks actor Mehcad Brooks (USA Network's Necessary Roughness, HBO's True Blood) to send "Happy 40th anniversary" sentiments to Roe v. Wade?This video happens.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEMnyiDKUJIFor me, the creep-o-meter is off the charts. And I’m not alone, as outrage is building across the Internet. Interestingly enough, pushback isn’t only coming from pro-life supporters; pro-choice supporters have also voiced their dis … [Read more...]

The CaPC Lance Armstrong Roundup

Last night, Lance Armstrong sent shockwaves around the world with his confession to Oprah.Maybe shockwaves is too strong of a word. Ripple? No—still too much. I’m going with flutter, because, really, we’ve all known for some time now that Armstrong was guilty of something. We just didn’t know exactly what.Here at CaPC, our writers have watched the Armstrong story unfold, offering insights to why our heroes fall and why competitors are pressured to cheat. In case you missed them along the … [Read more...]

The Doomsday Prepping Wagon Is Getting Crowded

It used to be that only paranoid outcasts spoke of doomsday. These folks would fear the falling sky would drop at their feet via nuclear meltdown or natural disaster or viral epidemic or economic collapse or zombie outbreak.But doomsday is no longer a fringe idea. USAToday reports that “a poll done for National Geographic Channel in September indicated that 28% of Americans knew” someone who was preparing for doomsday. That means almost one third of Americans are storing food and water, dev … [Read more...]

Why Do We Love Lists? Umberto Eco Will Tell You Why

It’s 2012 list time here at CaPC. We’ve created lists of our favorite movies, games, music, graphic novels, and television shows from the past year. Why do we do this?Umberto Eco says it’s an act that’s part culture-making, part death-defying. His analysis was given in an interview with Der Spiegel which was then covered by Rebecca Rosen at The Atlantic: “The list doesn't destroy culture; it creates it. Wherever you look in cultural history, you will find lists. In fact, there is a dizzying … [Read more...]

Why Are Drivers Aiming for Turtles Crossing the Highway?

News outlets are reporting the results of a recent research experiment by Clemson University student Nathan Weaver—and it reveals the not-so-sunny-side of human nature. Weaver was looking for ways to give turtles a safer passage across busy highways. He placed rubber turtles in the roadway and recorded how traffic responded. He found that 1 in 50 drivers aimed for the turtles—and ran them over.What began as concern for turtles has turned into human psychoanalysis. Weaver and others are now co … [Read more...]