Church Sign Epic Fails: Volume Fifteen

Three hands worth of bad church sign posts and they just seem to keep on coming…

Does God have deviled eggs in said refrigerator?



I thought their slogan was "Low Prices, Every Day." Anyhoo...

Clever, clever

Read the bottom line. Then it makes sense.

Maybe a slight disconnect here.

Tech reference FAIL

Tech reference FAIL redux

My friend's boyfriend actually put this on her chur church's sign. Congrats Daryn and Tiff!

A nice updated spin on the Gandhi quote. Just wow.

Church of the Big Lebowski. Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?

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(Apparently either I can’t count or I have an unconscious resentment toward the number twelve.)

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  • Jonathan Brink

    You realize there are church sign creators that let people do this.  These probably don’t actually exist.

  • jordin

    #5 is actually an art piece.