Church Sign Epic Fails, Volume Fourteen

Yes, kids, it’s that time again already. Seems it was only seven days ago when we posted our last batch of weekly church sign epic fails, and here we are again.

So let’s get to it: your weekly infusion of bad church signs.

(Oh, and if you’ve missed previous posts, links to all are at the bottom of this post.)

Does it ever get old being called a loser by Christians?

Apparently the sign person was so caught up in their own cleverness, they neglected to count the letters in "GRACE"

Now that's my kinda Jesus (except you'd think the Messiah would go Microbrew, yes?)

Well, if you're not a loser, odds are you're bad or ugly. Welcome!

Church sign innuendo never gets old.

Not reaslly sure what this means, but I like my burgers with extra sacred. Mmmmm.

This sign is actually awesome.

Yeah, cause no one in the Bible, Jesus included, ever got discouraged.

Always love a church with confidence in their abilities!

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(Apparently either I can’t count or I have an unconscious resentment toward the number twelve.)

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  • Roper_21

    The sarced cow sign a jab at Hindu’s??

  • JoelR

    While I’d love to think Jesus would drink a nice, hearty porter, being a working man, Bud or PBR would be more his speed.

  • Ally C

    Not a church sign, but i am, as of 10:30pm, an ex-employee of Family Christian Stores– i was there today for our annual inventory of the store and saw a Kerusso shirt that read: “Being angry is for the birds– be happy!” Because, y’know, anger is the opposite of happy and there are certain emotions Christians should never feel, let alone express. Sigh.

  • Michael Mock

    “Apparently either I can’t count or I have an unconscious resentment toward the number twelve.”

    Well, you know, if Twelve hadn’t knocked over your bike and taken stolen your girlfriend back in high school, you might still be friends.