I’m coming to Australia this weekend



I know you blokey blokes love Church for Men. I’d love to connect with you when I’m in Sydney, Canberra and Perth. Here are the posters for my events, beginning next Monday. Please share this with your mates:

Sydney 10 March:


Canberra 11 March:


Sydney: 19-20 March


Perth 22 March:


Please share these images on your social networks. Thanks!


Original post:

I’m the Wednesday blogger at A Few Grown Men, so I know many of you Yanks won’t be reading online posts today.

However, it’s the day after Christmas in Australia, so I’m taking this opportunity to reach out to my readers down under with an exciting announcement.

I’ll be traveling to Australia March 10-26, 2014 and I’m looking for opportunities to speak to churches, men’s groups and pastors’ conferences while I’m there. If you have a gathering that could use a speaker during that window, please contact me immediately. (I could also come a bit earlier if need be).

So, to my Aussie readers, Happy New Year, and I hope to see you soon.

To my American readers, I say, “Merry Christmas, Mates.”


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