Brandon has a nice piece on Rudyard Kipling’s Kim, which he read recently. For those who don’t know, Kim concerns the coming-of-age of an English orphan, raised in the slums of Lahore, in the Punjab, and his induction into the Great Game of espionage between Britain and Russia over the future of India. It’s a time and place that Kipling knew full well, it’s fascinating, and I need to re-read it Real Soon Now.

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  • Manny

    Kim is one of the most under rated novels of the 20th century. It has to be because the scholarly leftists in academia do not like Kipling. It’s more than just a spy novel. The coming of age part is a realization of spirutal values that Kim finds in his relationship with the Tibetan Lama. I’m going to go over and see what Brandon says, but I highly recommend it.

    • Will Duquette

      Brandon says the same, at more length. :-)