St. Benedict for Moms

If I were not a Lay Dominican, I’d probably be a Benedictine Oblate. Benedictines are all about stability: choosing to live in one monastery, with one set of people, and learning to live with each other. Benedictines don’t get to move on when there’s trouble; they have to stay. Me, I live with five other people whom I have spent years learning to live with, and we’re all living in the house I grew up. I get stability. And then Benedictines are all about prayer and work, and for Benedictines the work they do is also a prayer. And this is the approach I’ve long taken to my daily work: I do it for my employer, but I offer it up to God.

Benedictines live according to the Rule of St. Benedict, which is a set of rules for how monks can live peaceably with each other. And a few days ago, Katrina Fernandez observed that the Rule of St. Benedict applies to more usual kinds of families as well. Go take a look!

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