July 25: What’s Cookin’?

The youngsters in chef Didi Emmons’ free Take Back the Kitchen program are anything but disadvantaged, at least nutritionally.  “I’ve seen firsthand that poverty and obesity often go hand in hand, and I wanted to teach the kids some life skills,” Chef Emmons told a reporter.  She shares her skills at the Haley House Bakery Café in one of Boston’s poorest neighborhoods.

One 18-year-old admitted, “Before I met Didi, I didn’t like healthy food at all.  But the stuff we made tasted so good, you would forget it was also good for you.”  In addition to healthier versions of burgers and fries, other dishes from this bakery include curried sweet potato soup and mango smoothies.

Each six-week course begins with a knife-skills demonstration.  Explains Emmons, “The kids might not think they like vegetables, but once we get them chopping, they make a connection with their food.”

Caring adults can help youngsters “make a connection” with good meals—and good lives.

Beloved, I pray…you may be in good health.  (3 John 2:1)

God, help parents and teachers to guide young people in Your ways.

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