Friday, at the end of BYU Education Week


rain and BBQ

The dinner could still be done outside, of course . . .


Well, I’ve just finished Education Week for 2014, with the fourth lecture in my series on the resurrection of Jesus — this one entitled “The Witness of the Restoration.”


It went reasonably well.  The whole series went fairly well, I would judge, although there are definitely areas where I should have done better.  I estimate that the audience was about 5oo or so on each of the four days; I had thought that attendance might drop off a bit today, but it didn’t.


Now I’m home for a few minutes before I have to head off to help prepare for our high priests group dinner tonight.


Such is the life of a social butterfly!


The question is, do we feel lucky?  We were intending to have the dinner outdoors, at the home of a neighbor.  But the weather reports predict thunder showers, and, in fact, dark clouds are beginning to gather.  The outdoor set-up would be really nice, nicer than improvising something at the ward building, but an outdoor party could also be a drenched disaster.


What to do?


Thankfully, I’m not in charge.  I’ll just do what I’m told, and carry things where I’m told to carry them.



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