ESPN, BYU women’s gymnastics, and the “mannequin challenge”

      Okay.  This is strange.  And it’s received more than seven million views thus far:   “The BYU gymnastics team just won the ‘Mannequin Challenge’”     And here’s a response from BYU Theater Ballet.   Wow.  Seeing some of the positions that these folks can assume and hold, I’m not entirely convinced that [Read More…]

“How Sunlight Affects Your Mental Health”

    A piece on the Time website about research done at BYU:   How Sunlight Affects Your Mental Health     [Read more…]

“In Twin Falls, Idaho, co-dependency of whites and immigrants faces a test”

    This is a rather discouraging article from the Washington Post:   I don’t know what the percentages are, but I know that there is a substantial Mormon population in Twin Falls.  I wonder whether any of them might have anything to report here.   There is also a large facility in [Read More…]

“Religious thinking as simply part of an outmoded phase in the consciousness of mankind”

    “In the history of science, ever since the famous trial of Galileo, it has repeatedly been claimed that scientific truth cannot be reconciled with the religious interpretation of the world.  Although I am now convinced that scientific truth is unassailable in its own field, I have never found it possible to dismiss the [Read More…]

Mitt Romney as Trump’s Secretary of State?

    You’ve probably all heard this by now, but just in case you haven’t:   “First on CNN: Donald Trump, Mitt Romney to meet this weekend”   I confess that it would be nice to have an intelligent adult at State.       [Read more…]

“Catch Me If You Can”

    Just back from an extraordinarily good performance of Catch Me If You Can at the Hale Center Theater in Orem.  The two leads (Andrew Robertson as Frank Abagnale, Jr., and Patrick Livingston as FBI agent Carl Hanratty) were very strong, and the choreography — I usually don’t care much about dance — was [Read More…]

“Old Testament tabernacle rises in Fountain Valley”

    I think this is a brilliant idea:   What a fantastic teaching tool.  I would love to see it used in and around my own area.   The final presentation at our recent Interpreter temples conference was on the origin, creation, and use of these replicas.     [Read more…]

“Religious freedom vs. new state religion”

    The always interesting Ralph Hancock published this article in the Deseret News last week:     [Read more…]

“Light the World”

    Just a reminder of the Church’s approaching Christmas initiative:   I’ve signed up for notifications.  I hope you will, too.     [Read more…]

“Megyn Kelly shut down a Trump supporter who said Japanese internment camps were precedent for a Muslim registry”

    I don’t know what Mr. Trump or his administration might have in mind.  Mr. Trump hasn’t exactly been noted for the systematic rigor or consistency of his policy thinking.  And I recognize the need for security and share concerns on that score.  But this sort of thing demands very careful watching: [Read More…]