Talking Points Memo: “Mormon Voters’ Antipathy Toward Trump Has Roots In The Church’s Own History”   The national media have been very aware of this issue.   So, plainly, is Mr. Trump.   And it should do nothing to help him in Utah and other Mormon-heavy areas that he’s evidently used his lack of support among Latter-day Saints as a tool for attempting to increase his support [Read More…]

“I’m a spy for the Mormon Church”

    I would imagine that some of this guy’s audience will believe him.   After all, his story is no crazier and no more obviously bogus than the claims with which Ed Decker and Bill Schoebelen and the inimitable Loftes Tryk have entertained audiences (and from which at least one of them has apparently [Read More…]

A day afoot in central Oslo

    “Jazz isn’t dead,” Frank Zappa once remarked.  “But it smells funny.”   Well, it didn’t smell funny at all tonight.     My wife and I and one of our sons walked from our hotel, which is located near the city’s Sentralstasjon, over to the magnificently-sited Oslo Opera House for a concert by [Read More…]

“Mulek, Son of Zedekiah”

    A nice little bibliography (with links) of discussions of the Book of Mormon’s “Mulek”:   Posted from Oslo, Norway       [Read more…]

“Northwest Nazarene professor shares views on God, loses academic freedom”

    An interesting case.  I know something about getting the boot via an email while traveling.  I also believe that private religious institutions have a perfect right to maintain their beliefs and their standards.  But I’m also very sympathetic to what’s often called (as in this article) “open theology.”   Posted from [Read More…]

It came from beyond the Planet Neptune

    Well, maybe it did:   Back in June, I wrote here about another object that, it’s been suggested, came from beyond the ordinary asteroid belt of our Solar System.  A few days later, driving from Stockholm westward across Sweden to Göteborg, my wife and I took a little detour to go visit [Read More…]

Brian and Laura Hales speak in Sweden on early Mormon plural marriage

    A YouTube video is now up of the remarks given by Laura and Brian Hales at the FairMormon conference in Sweden, not too far from where I sit right now, back in June 2016:     You might find it interesting and/or of value.   Posted from Oslo, Norway     [Read more…]

“How can we give to the Lord?”

    How can we give to the Lord? What shall we give to him? Every kind word to our own, every help given them, is as a gift to God, whose chief concern is the welfare of his children. Every gentle deed to our neighbor, every kindness to the poor and suffering, is a [Read More…]

“The Late War Against the Book of Mormon”

    I hadn’t so much as thought about it for many months — I’ve scarcely heard or seen it mentioned — but I was recently reminded that there are some out there who imagine that they’ve found the “smoking gun,” the decisive evidence that proves Joseph Smith (or somebody) to have stolen the Book [Read More…]

“New Taiwan Website Marks 80th for Mormon Newsroom”   We’re you aware that the Church maintains local websites, where you can keep tabs on, say, your original homeland, the land of your ancestors, your old mission field. the place where you hope to serve with your husband when he retires, and/or the country you’ll soon be visiting?   You can, [Read More…]