From October 2014 General Conference

A General Conference shareable

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“Everything not forbidden is compulsory”

Vive la resistance!

  This article, published clear back on 25 March 2014, still seems worth considering to me:  Posted from Park City, Utah       … [Read more...]

Drama in the South Pacific

Where it happened

  Now this would have been a dramatic baptismal service, never to be forgotten:  Posted from Park City, Utah  … [Read more...]

“Spring is still in the air”

Tunisia in Africa

  An article in the 29 October 2014 issue of The Economist (entitled "Spring is still in the air") takes a fairly positive view of current trends in Tunisia, the place where the so-called "Arab Spring" actually began. People in the United States rarely pay much attention to Tunisia, but it's nice to hear that, although far from perfect, things are going reasonably well there. A fairly robust "secular" political faction still exists in Tunisia, and e … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney on the campaign trail

Romney in 2014

  This is the man who should be president right now: He's actually competent.  He knows how to lead.  He knows how to run things. It would be a nice change. By the way, Bob Dole, the long-time Republican Senate leader and former p … [Read more...]

Sumer is icumen in / Lhude sing, cuccu

From Monty Python and the Holy Grail

  The 29 October 2014 issue of The Economist reports on an interesting study by Neil Cummins at the London School of Economics. Many of us, I suppose, if we had to guess, would choose winter as the most lethal of the four seasons.  It's cold, often depressing (especially, for some, right after the holidays, and, perhaps for others, during them), people are confined indoors with sometimes dangerous heating systems.  Colds and other diseases seem to hit us hard d … [Read more...]

“New Missionaries Bring New Energy”

A small Samoan island

  I've fallen behind on sharing reports from our friends in Samoa, but I love to hear what's going on out in the missions and I hope that some of you find it inspirational, as well. We all know how fun it is to receive letters from serving missionaries, and how infectious their enthusiasm can be.  But those typically only come for a few years.  These are missionary letters for the rest of us, whose family missionaries have returned or not yet g … [Read more...]

Memoirs of an Invisible Man

the cast of "Without a Trace"

  I've just now read some recent internet comments chortling with satisfaction about how my expulsion from The New Maxwell Institute has silenced and marginalized me, made me irrelevant. I find such sentiments a bit puzzling. I mean, within the past week, I've published yet another of my Deseret News columns -- and these columns garner far more reaction than anything I've ever done before.  Strangers frequently come up to me (last night, for e … [Read more...]