“Cookbook review: ‘I Love Ramen’ spruces up a college staple”

Ramen everywhere!

  The illustrious young movie writer at the Deseret News turns his attention briefly to a book on quasi-Japanese cooking: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865621055/Cookbook-review-I-Love-Ramen-spruces-up-a-college-staple.html?pg=all#4hmT7xxm2GBMbZC3.01 Astounding versatility.   … [Read more...]

Ordain Janitors

Jonesboro, AS chapel

  If you're progressively seeking to discover ever new frontiers of oppression and injustice, here's one for you: http://www.ordainjanitors.org Don't forget to click on and read the testimonials.   … [Read more...]

“. . . when the seas literally fell from the sky”

Late Heavy Bombardment or Lunar Cataclysm

   The new (March 2015) issue of Scientific American contains an interesting article by two UCLA planetary scientists, David Jewitt and Edward D. Young. "Oceans from the Skies" looks at the current state of the question "Where did Earth's water come from?" There's a two-paragraph preview available here that might whet your appetite or, at least, cause you to look at your glass of water, and the ocean, and your nearby stream or lake, just a … [Read more...]

New Testament 82

Galilean chickpeas

  Luke 6:43-45Compare Matthew 7:15-20; 12:33-35 Immediately following a strong exhortation not to judge, Luke's account of the Sermon on the Plain has Jesus explain that, just as trees are known by the quality of their fruit, people are known by their actions. This is, very plainly, a recognition that we do and must constantly make judgments, not only about fruit trees but about people -- and the corresponding passages in Matthew are, if … [Read more...]

“Dr. Dan Peterson”

Mr. George Clooney

  I was delighted, a couple of days ago, to discover that the British ITV mystery/detective series Midsomer Murders (1997-) has, at least in the past, featured a character named "Dr. Dan Peterson." Who, I wondered, could they have hired to portray a person bearing so solemn -- so august, respectable, and important -- a name? This would surely have been a decision fraught with cultural significance, entered into after long and serious … [Read more...]

BYU and a national ranking of undergraduate programs in Arabic

Mamluk Qur’an folio

  http://foreign-language-colleges.com/arabic-and-semitic The efforts of many have gone into creating a program that's so highly ranked.  Superb and dedicated people have built it over the past three decades, and they continue to improve it. It can certainly be said, though, that this ranking is a tribute to, and a legacy of, the labors of my long-time friend and colleague Dil Parkinson.  Dil is the father of serious Arabic study and teaching at Br … [Read more...]

“Why are Christian movies so painfully bad?”

Making a film

  There is much -- very much -- in and about Hollywood that is, to put it mildly, distasteful.  Antithetical to my value and beliefs and opposed, frankly, to those of many people, Mormon and non-Mormon alike, in Hollywood's audience. I wish that there were a strong tradition of excellent Christian film-making.  I even have hopes for a great Mormon cinema. I think it sad and dangerous that there's so little faithful movie-making out there, that w … [Read more...]

“A Letter Concerning Muslim Toleration”

Hagia Sophia, as seen from the Galata Tower

  A moderate Muslim voice, reminding us of a moderate Muslim tradition: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/18/opinion/mustafa-akyol-a-letter-concerning-muslim-toleration.html?_r=0   … [Read more...]