Bringing the Divine With Me

It has taken me some time and a few recent experiences to process some of the messages that I got from the Goddess on the full moon. I was standing in the middle of the circle, with the moon shining down on me when the Goddess spoke. She said, in her sometimes cryptic language, that I needed to “make every place sacred”. I thought I knew what this meant, and in some ways I did.

I heard the whispers of the divine say that I should create a physical reminder of spiritual space in the places that I spend the most time, but this week it became clear that I missed something very important in this. I need to bring the divine into my spaces, not just at home, but especially at work.  Today a coworker said to me that one of the worst things that happens when we are dealing with trauma in is that we pull away from divine connection. I have experienced this, not that I am pulling away in my life as a whole, but I am not bringing that divine energy with me at work. I am overwhelmed with the way that my spirit is taxed from all the complications of what I do. And this is not something that feels right to me, I am a divinely spiritual being and so I must contemplate what happens that separates me from that in certain instances. I have always felt that the fight for social justice was a spiritual one, so how come I forget to do some of the work to solidify that connection while I am in the act of it?

photo by Crystal Blanton

This spiritual self care thing is something I don’t think is talked about enough. I think we often get into the rhythm of going to work and leaving ourselves at the door. We then go home and re-engage with the world from the position of where we started.  The pattern, reinforced by society, is often void of a sense of integration. This separation is also reinforced as “being professional” by society at large, and there is little talk about how to bring an integrated version of your whole self to work, without having it interfere with needed objectivity to do your job. It is not always a black and white thing, sometimes it is exactly both.

I do recognize that it has not always been this challenging for me within such high stress environments. I think this is one area where higher education has made my job harder; I can recognize the traps of disenfranchisement and marginalization from multiple places now and this pisses me off. And yet it is so important for me to be a priestess all the time. That is something that has always been important to me. When I am a priestess all the time, I am able to harness the ability to stand in my power all the time. When I lose sight of that while in the stress of work, I lose my ability to stay rooted, and a tree that is not rooted dies.

So I am listening to the Goddess. I am making all my spaces sacred, I am adding some prayer to the middle of my day, I am decorating all of my spaces in ways that connect me to spirit, and I am reintegrating my spirit again. If this is my divine work in the world, then I cannot do it without the help of the divine. We should all remember to bring the divine with us, at all times.

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