My Favorite Moments; Happy 5th Anniversary Patheos! ‪#‎Patheos5Yrs‬

My favorite moments, as a writer for Patheos and with readers, are every single moment. I feel like I get the opportunity to explore one of the most challenging, often misunderstood, and complex issues around the intersectionality of ethnic culture and alternative spirituality. Being a Black woman has its own distinct culturally significant challenges, and moments of beauty and resiliency. The addition of Paganism to that path adds to the very interesting, multifaceted perspective and experience that I live, along with other Pagans who are also people of color.

To share those varying experiences with others and have the chance to converse about these topics with readers is something that is beyond my words to quantify or express. It is those moments of shared experiences that bring such insight to each other’s paths, mine included.

Several moments that stand out the most in my path of writing about being a Pagan woman of color include:

  • Writing about the unfolding of my natural hair journey as a parallel spiritual process.
  • Exploring the collective shadow of community and healing from our shared historical experience.
  • Doing the 30 Day Real Black History Challenge on the Daughters of Eve site, and having some of the most incredible discussions about history, transgenerational trauma, culture, slavery, racism, and privilege.
  • Working with other Women of color who are Pagan on this incredible project.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the Patheos site!! Thank you for giving me a format to explore such important work within myself and within the macro Pagan community for people of color. ‪#‎Patheos5Yrs‬

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