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Grayscale: The Lie of Being Colorblind

No. It isn't.

I had the chance to listen to a, rather old, Reith Lecture on the BBC about the genetics of race. Normally, I tend to shy away from listening to these kinds of subjects since a) I live within the sphere of being “other” and b) the sphere of race happens to be the one of the most often ignored and or maligned for making itself known; never mind the fact that many Americans have to walk the fine line of having two “selves”, the outer self for the consumption of a conspicuously white-privilege based … [Read more...]

Pagan Finance: Supporting the Pagan Economy


Anyone who tells you that money and religion don't mix is either blind, naive, or some combination of the two. Take one look at a mega-church or posh synagogue and you can see just how lucrative religion can be, spiritually and monetarily. But the blog post isn't about turning the pagan community into some grand money making scheme. Granted, many writers and leaders have made a tidy little sum selling watered down religion or 'socially conscious' fanaticism; but for the every day pagan, our … [Read more...]

Magical Green Elephants: Pagan Finance


It seems like pagans only talk about money when someone is attempting to raise funds and, quite frankly, that isn't enough. Many pagans are on low incomes, one income, or no regular income, but still need to find ways to build assets, achieve some form of financial security, and, with time, create something they can pass on to their children.Please bear in mind, I am not a finance professional. I'm just a chick with a love of finance and markets who started seriously looking at where her … [Read more...]

An American Love Story: In Black and White


An American Love Story in Black and White   We sat across from one another; peach to cinnamon, brown to green, brown to black and in our eyes were love and misunderstandings. We would never fully see things from the other's point of view. Sure, we could listen and create the kind of dialogue not fit for polite company, but there would always be that barrier, the diverging narratives of paths we never got to choose.Like fate our hands were dealt and it was … [Read more...]

Have You Seen Me?

Illustrators: Leo and Diane Dillon

 I remember the first time I picked up Faerie Magazine ™. “I like faeries!” I chirped, excitement bubbling through as I thumbed the glossy pages. My husband rolled his eyes and walked away, unwilling to share in, what I thought, was a great find. But as one page turned into another, I felt that sinking pit in my stomach. You would not find me there. Every picture, every drawing, every cultural nuance announced boldly This magazine is Eurocentric.I put the magazine back and went e … [Read more...]

The Open-Minded Fallacy


 This blog-post comes straight from my gut and is the subject of a recent discussion I got to have with the wonderful Brett Hillman during a, too brief, Skype conversation a few nights ago. It's a subject near, and dear, to my heart only in that it makes me chuckle whenever I see someone proudly bandy the concept about.So here goes; No one should have to say how open-minded they are.I'm probably alone in this belief or at least part of a very unpopular minority. Open-mindedness … [Read more...]