Help! Financial Stress is Hurting Our Marriage.

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One of the leading causes of divorce is financial stress. We recently did a survey through our Marriage Facebook page asking readers what are topics they’d like to see addressed and many people shared that issues related to financial stress were some of the biggest sources of stress in their marriage. Some people were even reaching out in desperation saying things like, “Help! Financial stress is hurting our marriage. We can’t get on the same page and we don’t know what to do.

Like most couples, Ashley and I have experienced the strain and stress of debt and the struggle to make ends meet at different periods in our marriage, and it’s exhausting! Thankfully, we’ve been able to implement the principles I’ll share below and it has brought an extraordinary amount of peace to our lives as a result. We want your marriage to experience that same kind of peace.

When a husband and wife are financially healthy, it brings a tremendous amount of peace and security to the relationship, but when there is stress related to finances, it can bleed over into every other aspect of life. The good news here is that even if you don’t have much money, you can be financially “healthy”. Financial health doesn’t have nearly as much to do with your net worth as you might think; it has much more to do with being unified in your financial plans with your spouse.

Every person’s financial situation is different, but there are some some timeless, rock-solid financial principles that will bring health to any marriage. We’v also added in some Bible verses that have helped us stay on course by providing timeless financial (and marriage) principles for us and countless others through the years. Here are five important ways to improve your finances and remove financial stress from your marriage (In no particular order)…

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