My Husband/Wife and I Have DIFFERENT PARENTING STYLES and it’s Hurting Our Marriage

sad couple with kids

Have you ever thought that marriage was SO much easier before you had kids? Do you and your spouse have arguments that stem from stress, miscommunication or different approaches when it comes to parenting? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

My wife Ashley receive messages everyday on our blogs and Facebook pages from stressed parents who feel like their differences in parenting styles are negatively impacting the marriage. Ashley and I can relate to this one from personal experience. In fact, this has been the primary source of stress and disagreement in our own marriage.

Dave Willis quotes there are no perfect parents or perfect children but there are perfect moments

Ashley and I are alike in so many ways, but we surprised each other by how different we can be in our parenting approach to our four sons. These differences turned into some tense frustrations and finally reached a breaking point where we realized we needed to take action. We’ve still got a LOT to learn when it comes to this (so please send us all your suggestions), but below are five things we’ve done that have made a huge difference in our marriage and brought more peace to our home.

If you’ll do these five things, it will help your kids AND protect your marriage! In no particular order…

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