Is Oral Sex a Sin?

Is oral sex a sin

I opened my inbox and saw the first line of his message, “Is oral sex a sin?” The man went on to say that he and his wife had both enjoyed giving and receiving oral sex as a way to express their love and to experience the unique pleasure of giving pleasure in such an intimate way to each other. He was writing to me because this enjoyable aspect of their sex life which had always been part of their marriage was now conflicting with his conscience. His pastor recently told him that oral sex was wrong and unnatural, and now this man was wondering if this could be true.

My first instinct was to reply that it sounds like his pastor has a boring sex life and is trying to justify it Biblically! I know many Christians have hangups and baggage with sexual expression and enjoyment because many of us were raised with misguided, legalistic lessons about sex that taught the subconscious message that “…sex is necessary for making babies, but don’t enjoy it too much because it’s dirty.” That’s a false, dangerous and misguided message.

Here’s the truth...

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