A Promise of Recommitment

Couple sitting of the couch having problems in their relationshiThere are plenty of “Wedding Vows” out there, but “Renewal Vows” are harder to find; so let me share some.

I encourage you to exchange the promises below (or your own version of them) with your spouse as a special way to begin a new season of growth in your marriage. Whether you exchange these words in a public ceremony or sitting on your couch in private, I believe your marriage will benefit from this promise of recommitment.

“Today, I recommit myself to God, to you and to our marriage. I ask your forgiveness for the wrongs I have committed and I promise to do my best never to repeat them. I will strive to be the one who wipes away your tears and not the one who causes them. I freely forgive you for any wrongs you have committed and I promise to let go of any past hurts and unresolved anger I’ve carried so that our relationship can move forward with renewed grace and healing.

promise to always see the best in you and to strive to become the best spouse I can possibly be. I will never again say the word, “divorce,” or to see separation as an option in our relationship. I vow to be your partner, your biggest fan and your best friend no matter what life throws our way. I commit to creating new memories together that will be filled with joy and laughter. I resolve to build my life and our family on a firm foundation of faith in God and His word. Because I am imperfect, I know I will make mistakes, but when I do, I promise to admit it openly, to take full responsibility and to humbly seek your forgiveness. I will never again allow anyone or anything to become more important than my relationship with God and my relationship with you. I wholeheartedly recommit my love and my life to you, ’til death do us part!”

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  • Regine Coriolan

    You have no idea the pain Im feeling inside because of the way my husband to is treating me. The thing is I don’t think he realized. But after reading this vow, it gaves me strenghts, because there are some good things, positive things about my relationship. But it is so hard at times to remember and for me that was a reminder of my love for him.

    Thank you

  • neece

    Regine, I feel you on this. Marriage is hard when one spouse is in pain and the other spouse doesn’t see it or get it . We need to encourage one another to be strong. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who can relate without being judged.

  • Tatiana

    I am going thru a horrible time in my marriage and this is hope for me.

  • Cassie

    5 months ago, my heart was hurting from the state of my marriage. Don’t give up and truly look to God for what you should be doing. That is what I did and God changed mine and my husbands heart and things are completely different and so much better. Don’t forget God can do anything!

  • Thabo


    I can relate to what you are feeling and going through. It is really difficult and I believe only God can heal and restore what has been lost.

  • Jolie


    I can totally relate to you. I am sorry for what you are going through. I, too, am going through a in struggle in my marriage. 2 weeks from now should be our 1 year anniversary but there will be no celebration as my husband is leaving. I am at a loss and more than heartbroken that he has chosen to leave instead of to work things out. We still love each other but he insists that mareiage has ruined us when I believe it was a combination of our financial struggles and not having any time together. I love this man with everything that I am and I have to watch him walk away. I found this site encouraging when I first stubble upon it a few weeks ago when looking for guidance but now I am afraid that hope is no longer an option…afterall it takes two and I can’t do it on my own. I have sacrificed and done everything I feel I could do and his solution is still to leave…

  • Martha

    Love this.. We might have to use this when the time comes for us to renew our vows. My husband and I will have been married for 23 years May 19. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.

  • Mrs. Jones

    My husband and I will have been married for 2 on May 19th! That’s a pretty good day to wed if you ask me 😉

  • Noemi Figueroa

    This is so beautiful! I will be dedicating this and saying these vows to my husband ❤

  • Mendoza family

    This is awesome.

  • Jennie

    Those are great thinks so much for sharing those and everythimg else you do!! My husband and I are going thru a ruff patch and you posts help tremendously!!!

  • Maria Curry

    I love it …….this is perfect!!

  • Melissa Gonzalez

    I love this! It’s so sweet!!

  • florry

    These are lovely words, i must admit, but what happens when the marriage itself was built on deception and not love!!! what do you do?

  • ashley

    Im wondering the same

  • Shay

    You have to ask yourself then do you love your spouse now? Have you fallen in love with them since?? It says to forgive all wrong doings. Each an everyday is a new day.

  • M L Carnley

    after affairs it is very difficult to rebuid. especially when it feels like i am the one working hard to keep the marriage. and He was the one in all the affairs.

  • Blanca Guajardo

    I must share this with my husband when we renew our vows

  • Joshua

    How do I get my future wife to beleav and see that I truly love her and want to be with me? And how do I get her to open up to me and talk to me more?

  • Leslie R

    I love them. Thank you so much. My husband and I have recently went through a rough patch and I was ready to walk away. But I love him and we have been together for 14 yrs, just wasnt ready to throw it all away. He asked me to remarry him so these recommitment vows will be perfect and they say everything I need to say.

  • Fanny

    God bless you deeply Pastor Dave. You have been a big blessing for me. Thank you very much.

  • Tatiana

    The hurt I am experiencing right now its beyond comprehension…. I love my husband with all my heart but now I only get a cold shoulder and a nice roommate…. our anniversary is this friday and I am going to give this to him.

  • Ashley

    I feel your pain… 9 years together and 2 children and my husband told me last night that he loves me but the feelings “just aren’t there” Now what?

  • Nicole Landers

    I could not have read this at a better time. I felt like my marriage was falling apart but this gives me hope.

  • Michael Cozine

    I pray every day for the strength of these words and the hope that my beautiful wife will finally embrace the incredible opportunity we have as a committed couple…I’m praying she will renew our vows on our 14th anniversary in July…these words and sentiments will be what I vow as an effort to resurrect our relationship!!!!…thank you

  • Manda

    I would love to hear these vows from my husband. I’ve been hurt in so many ways and this would really help me through the pain.

    I wish more men would read these articles but when they don’t see what is wrong when you think they should it’s hard to get them to read things such as this.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • http://Marriage Alice

    I wanna try this but I’m scared…. I have this burden in my heart for along time. I feel abandon.

  • Angie Neil

    I would give anything if my husband and I could do this. He left me and filed for divorce. I love him with all my heart and I do not want a divorce. He is with another woman and will not even talk to me. We have 3 girls ages 6, 12, and 16. We have been married for almost 17 years. I miss him and forgive him. He was always the best husband and daddy any wife could ask for, then one day he just left. I do not understand. I keep praying he will wake up and come home.

  • Jenna

    I am going through the same thing Angie. Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy our marriages. Please visit rejoice marriage ministries online! It has been an amazing source of encouragement for me! I am standing for my marriage, even though he has filed papers, even though he is with another woman….God is bigger! And he is for family! And he will restore your covenant marriage if you choose to walk in faith and pray daily. God bless you!

  • Melissa Marroquin

    I am so sorry. Ive been where you are at and with prayer and truly giving the situation to God, He has restored my marriage of almost 21 years. We have four kids-the newest is my six week old, conceived in the midst of unbearable pain, but is now a blessing to us both. A God-send. Keep praying for resolution and healing according to His will.

  • Scott Wall

    I love you Christy Wall

  • Melissa

    I, too, would love to hear these words from my husband, the past 2 yrs have really been rough on our marriage and we just celebrated our 25th in November. I am in the recovery mode after the shock of his affair. He bought me a new wedding ring for Valentines in the hopes we could move forward and I would love more than anything to do that. It’s just really hard to move past the 2yrs of lies & all the betrayal & mind games he/they played on me. I am trying to stay committed to my marriage & its an everyday struggle but I am praying one day I can look him in the eyes & say “I forgive you” and really mean it. I would love to hear these promises from him face to face & we are hoping to get to a place this year where we can renew our vows & have a “redo” on our 25th anniversary.

  • Melissa Marroquin

    I am in the same place and it is hard. I feel like such a fool. The deception makes you question all these years of marriage and what it means ro them. 21 years for me. I could have never done the things to him that he had done to me. I need to hear exactly what is in these vows. Yhat would be tremendous in moving forward. God is working on healing. Still recovering…..7 months out of my husbands affair. Still hurts

  • Katherine

    My husband and I have been on the edge of divorce, after reading this vow I feel like it may bond us again.

  • lerato

    Am going through an awful time in my marriage nd this brought tears to my eyes

  • Elwin

    What would some vow wording look like for a second marriage?

  • Deb

    Elwin, my husband and I used very similar vows when we renewed our vows after 13 years of marriage together. We both had been married before. Everyone loved it! Most importantly, US!

  • Antwoin Robertson

    This is what I’ve been looking to do with my wife. I just needed the words Thank you guys very much God Bless you all.

  • Rudy Nunez

    MY wife and I been married together for 29 years this August ..we strongly fill this vow for are live and are planning to recommit our marriage ..

  • Jacqueline Replogle

    Thank you, words I needed to read right now, words of hope for myself, my husband and our marriage. We have had a rough period the past couple of years. No affairs, just a breakdown of some communication issues regarding adult step-children. Blended families seem to be common these days, yet I don’t find many resources on dealing with the issues. I love my husband, I believe we are both committed to our marriage, it’s the issues of adult children we can’t agree on.

  • Doug

    I see only women commenting…are there no men that feel this way? I am married to a very strong willed women who I would love to read this….I myself am as humbled as the next by the player. I know this is what I need of say as I have in the past please pray for spousal reciprocation. When there is not accountability by both spouses then there will not be oneness. You must both realize and admit when you are wrong for this to work. Praying for you all!

  • Doug

    I meant prayer…lol! And I want you to know of I love my wife very much. Unfortunately she doesn’t feel that way:(

  • Colleen

    I can’t wait to write something like this and present my husband with it. We’ve been somewhat physically disconnected lately due to his job. I’ve been upset that his employer is taking away his ability to prioritize his life in the order of God, myself, the children the his employer. I know I should be thankful that, in this economy, he has a job that pays well, but at what cost? He’s been working 13 day stints with 12 hour shifts frequently required of him. I know there are couple who are separated for long periods time, such as active military personnel who find ways to keep the spark alive, but I can see how exhausted and in pain he is and he has no energy at the end of the day to put anything above eating dinner and getting to bed. I hope that taking the initiative to recommit myself to him might give him the boost that he so desperately needs right now. Thank you for the idea and the wonderful words of wisdom.

  • MrsGYaYa

    These recommittal vows are beautiful. I’ve been married for 35 years to my high school Sweetie. We have endured most things together. We hit an ugly patch..real ugly and all I could do was to talk to GOD. You see, I made certain promises to my Husband when we we’d, but I also promised GOD. The LORD has always answered the petitions of my heart. I remember the LORD saying to me….”Take your eyes off of him and keep your eyes on ME. I will take care of him.” And so it was and remains. Your heart may be broken right now, but the LORD restores. Our FATHER loves us and wants us to prosper. TURN IT OVER TO JESUS…..Let It Go and Let GOD.

    My Husband now… Is the delight if my life. During my Cancer bout…that man carried my heart in his hands. There was never the thought of not being healed because the LORD KEEPS HIS PROMISES!

    So trust GOD… keep your eyes on him….when you can’t do it anymore..GOD WILL DO IT FOR YOU, so wait patiently on the LORD. I pray GOD’s richest blessings for you all!

  • Adrian

    this is beautiful I would love to do this! so hard to do when only one of us walking a walk with God <3

  • Lucy Hanson

    How can you sit back and say this is beautiful? They are “promising” to do their”best” not to harm their marriage again. Why couldn’t they or didn’t they keep their promise in the first place. Wrong words. I do not agree with renewing vows after an affair. At least not for many years. I personally did after one year and it was a mistake. You are NOT healed enough. I now look at the ceremony and our vow renewal as something ugly. LIke his affair.