The Ten WORST Reasons to Get Divorced

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Tragically, so many couples are choosing divorce as a PERMANENT “solution” to solve TEMPORARY problems. 

Some paths to divorce are very understandable. When there are longterm patterns of deceit, addiction, abuse or infidelity, it’s easy to see why the marriage ended. In other cases, however, the reasons seem just plain pointless to me. I’m not saying this to beat up on anybody or to poke fun at the seriousness of divorce, but I’m trying to help us all see that there are often much better options than divorce*.

*As a quick disclaimer, the point of this post isn’t to try to get you to “settle” by staying in a miserable marriage or to make you feel badly for having some of these thoughts about divorce. Rather, I’m trying to help you see the poor excuses that motivate couples to call it quits when they could be focusing on the ways to work together as a couple to make the marriage all it could be. 

If your marriage is currently struggling, before you read the list below, please check out our new free videos to help struggling marriages by clicking here.

Here are ten common excuses for divorce that are completely impractical or illogical (in no particular order):

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