Admit it, we all need a little praise

We all love to hear words of praise. I don’t care how self-effacing you are, there is still a welling of pride that comes when others recognize the works of your hands. We like praise. We love praise. We crave praise. It started as children when even the worse drawing with a blunt crayon was [Read More…]

Ready to fly?

You just never know You never know where an interest will lead You never know what a passion will inspire You never know who else you motivate You never know … You might just change the world   Let me tell you a short story about a man named Milt He was a pastor by [Read More…]

Does the church need to be relevant or does it need to be true?

This isn’t an article about modern vs. traditional church music. It isn’t about steeples or Sunday School. It isn’t about vain repetition or the need to bring back hats in church. It isn’t about any of the silly stuff that should have left a long time ago. It’s an article about why Christianity needs to be [Read More…]

A Syrian family that found a way out

 You might remember the story.   I told it just a few months ago, when I thought the world had peaked in it’s insanity. I was wrong. The story was about a Syrian family that I met. They were pushed out of their ancestral home by war and violence. If you don’t remember Albert Sayegh [Read More…]

Would Jesus join #Resist?

The dots on the map are growing. Like magnets, people are clumping together, ready to #Resist. They are plotting out days to march, to stand, to protest. The stage is set for a Summer to remember. The 2017 season will be a long one, as these peaceful protests will grow increasingly violent. The rallies will [Read More…]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Workplace Secret: Trust

In a competitive world, keeping information close to the vest is viewed as a business imperative. Products, strategies and tactics fall under the tent of “Intellectual Property” and are closeted until just the right time. For example, Apple is famous for secrecy. Prototypes, plans and ideas are carefully stove-piped so no one working on them [Read More…]

Keeping politicians out of the pulpit

I sat in the church as a visitor, invited by a loving friend. I initially felt oddly out of place, but that was dispelled by the warmth of everyone towards me. The music started and the choir swayed. It seems that everyone in the congregation was swept up. Then the message began. And I was [Read More…]

Living Large in a Shrinking World (Money Isn’t What it Used to Be)

That Saturday is a day I won’t forget. It was the day I lost my mind. You see the day before I found an unexpected bounty. It happens a couple of times a year, you know when there are three paydays in a month.  No mortgage payment. The power bill was paid. No car payment. I had a whole paycheck [Read More…]

Donald Duels With Arnold at the National Prayer Breakfast (Please Take it Outside)

The National Prayer Breakfast is a yearly affair where D.C. leaders presumably gather to eat breakfast and pray. More than 3,500 guests gather, supposedly leaving their bickering and partisanship at the door to bow their heads and commit to one nation under God. It’s been a yearly event since 1953 and every president since Eisenhower [Read More…]

Justice in the Court: Does God Care about the Nominee?

President Trump selected a judge from the local Denver area Appeals Court Judge to the Supreme Court – Judge Neal Gorsuch. He was recently lauded in the Denver Post for his “sharp mind, clear writing and affable nature.”  Admittedly, that was the first I had ever heard of the man. Of course there will be those [Read More…]