The Four-Letter Word You’ll Never Hear

Wyoming Highway

I open my mailbox, and the gloss screams out “excess.” The Sunday paper spills it on my living room floor. The television ads every 13 minutes promote it.  The consumer culture feeds it.It’s in the 44-ounce Big Gulp.Or the bottle of Scotch sold by Costco that costs $17,000.Or Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy ¾ Pound Triple Burger at Wendy’s, packing a mere 1,120 caloriesOr the jacked-up Hummer with chromed 22-inch rims that’s never seen a dirt roadOr the 80-inch television on sale for $370 … [Read more...]

Why Christians Should Visit Jordan — The Other Holy Land  


Earlier this year, I spent 10 days in Jordan. As a guest of the Jordan Tourism Board, 11 other writers and I were exposed to this amazing country and fascinating people. We weren’t told what to write. We were encouraged to be honest. And now,  months later, this is my unbiased assessment.After much reflection and research, I believe Christians who are looking for a pilgrimage visit to connect with their faith should consider Jordan.My life was changed and I think yours can be too. Is it … [Read more...]

The Day I Wore Crazy Socks to Work


Our days had been especially stressful with organization chance, outside attention from media and internal employee unrest.Everyone was on edge. My jokes fell flat. My smiles were met with frowns. The dark clouds threatened to rain on every conversation.I thought I would inject a little fun into the office. I considered wearing a crazy hat or a putting a stuffed lion on my desk. I considered pranks or brining in a crazy cake to lighten the mood.But I settled on socks as a safe … [Read more...]

Who needs to be happy? {I found a better pursuit}

Credit: Oliver Schmidt / Used with permission.

”You have a right to be happy!”She said the words with the utmost compassion, her head tilted and her eyes brimming with tears. The other woman, distraught, drank the words in deeply as she closed her eyes and nodded.I had no place in this conversation. I was a stranger sitting at the next table in the small coffee shop. But then, who bares their soul within listening range of strangers? To broadcast personal ills so others can hear is an invitation for interruption.So I did … [Read more...]

You Only Live Once {YOLO} – Are We Changing the World, or Just Being Stupid?


Regardless of where you are politically, any reasonable person must stand back in amazement at the vast and sudden upheavals in our financial, moral, social, and world affairs. There is a mad rush to make sweeping change and damn the consequence. These are the days of Living for the Moment.There has been a sudden rush to flip off tradition, throw out wisdom and enact the popular for the sake of the expedient. Every political and societal decision is suddenly an urgent dash and call for r … [Read more...]

Competence breeds confidence: Why I’m comfortable with my surgery today

Today, I go under the knife for a multi-hour surgery.After several months of dragging an unwilling limb around, I’m having a hip replaced.  It’s really a new malady. In January, I visited the doctor because of a clicking in my hip. That was the beginning of a breakdown in the joint. Every week it has worsened; from a slight irritation to a limp to a now-constant pain. Apparently, I have lived with a certain dysplasia in my joint for all my life. The hip ball never quite fit right in the socke … [Read more...]

“My daughter’s a Muslim!” When children step away from the faith


Earlier this week, I published a post called, "When Children Disappoint." It told the stories of Christian parents whose children take turns that hurt the parents. Substance abuse, trouble with the law, relationships and walking different paths from how they were raised. In just three days, it's become the all-time most shared post. And the reason for that? It's because this issue is so raw and real with so many Christian families.Earlier this month, my fellow Denver neighbor Patricia Raybon … [Read more...]

When children disappoint


"How could this child have come from us?”I read the words of Arlene Holmes and my heart stopped. Her son is the young man who went on a rampage in the Aurora movie theater, killing 12 and wounding 70.“Grief and alienation” is how the Denver Post describes the feelings of the parents of James Holmes. There is no disputing the fact that their son killed people without regard. The only thing left for the jury to decide is if he was crazy or a cold-blooded killer. Either of those are terri … [Read more...]

I don’t hate you. I just disagree with your position.


For once in my life, I actually decided to think before I spoke.I’ve let the whole thing slow down to a dull roar before jumping in. The emotions surrounding the gay marriage decision by the Supreme Court in May were running high – and still are in many quarters. Rainbow flags are flying, hashtags are tweeting and the rhetoric is thick. Some are smiling. Some are disheartened. A few don't care.Observers who call this a “historic decision,” are accurate. With at least 10,000 years in the b … [Read more...]

Looking at race — Through their eyes

Unsettled.There it is again.This has been happening plenty lately as I’ve gone to the Middle East, marched with Ethiopians and now this.It’s just three days after the horrific shooting in a church in Charleston. Nine people, open bibles, heads bowed, seeking God. They should have been safe. They shouldn't have to worry about murder and death.  Mothers. Fathers. Sisters. And a pastor...gone, snuffed out by a man bent on starting a war between the races What he didn’t know is that he ac … [Read more...]