Jesus most important holiday wasn’t Christmas

In fact, Paul never mentioned Christmas or the Nativity as a particular day. Come to think of, Jesus never did either. He did however, speak often of his death and his resurrection. That’s what changed the world. Read more

Taking from the Collection Plate — the Ultimate Test of a Church’s Financial Security

There’s a new twist to the offering – invite people to take money out of the plate. Read more

Shocking! U.S. Senator says “Government will not save you”  

Our work on earth is not elect a savior. Our efforts should not be to keep a party in power. Our money and time aren’t to be solely invested in the kingdoms of men. We have a bigger task ahead of us. The truth is hard. We don’t really want to hear it. We know deep inside that simply electing a candidate or handing power to a party isn’t the answer to the trouble that we see. That’s why Jesus spoke of another kingdom. So why is this one so hard to live in? Read more

Respect For Women? Culture Can’t Have It Both Ways

Culture can’t promote untethered sexuality and still expect mutual respect. Read more

Is Socialism Really the Answer to Society’s Problems? Or Is It Just Because We’ve Given Up Hope?

We shouldn’t be shocked that millennials have a fondness for socialism and even communism. It’s because in their lifetimes they’ve never seen a system that actually works. Read more

“Could My Church Be Next?” What Every Worshiper Will Be Thinking This Sunday

If the unthinkable happens in my church this Sunday. If an attacker turns his hate on me, then I will die in the place that I have cherished, among the people I love, in front of the Savior I worship. My last breath will be words of love for family and forgiveness for the killer. “He knows not what he does.” Read more

This Is What’s to Blame for the Texas Church Massacre

Jesus told us that we “are the light of the world” and not “the accusers of the world.” He didn’t tell us to curse the darkness, rather he told us to shine our light so bright that it chases the darkness away. Read more

The {Crooked} family tree: A twisted past, a promised future

Your family past might not be perfect. In fact, you are likely to have a few twisted trunks in yours. But all of that doesn’t matter to God. Your crooked tree can be made straight. And in His eyes, it already is. Read more

What’s the Point of All of This Contention and Worry?

As Christians, we’re exchanging our eternal passion for a fixation on the temporal. Read more

Miracles in the Ashes — California Fires destroyed nearly 6000 homes. Here’s a way to help.

Let’s talk about helping people – here’s what you can do. Read more

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