Why the men in your life don’t like to talk about details

The 4 a.m. wake-up call was early. Too early. But for three men on the hunt for fish, it was a small price to pay. We met the captain on dock. “Call me Fredrik,” he said. He carried not one ounce of charm, but exuded plenty of self-confidence. And this was a most important thing for a man who made his living shuttling inlanders out to the sea. We hopped into the small, but sturdy boat and Fredrik cut through... Read more

Every Day is a Blessing: Reflections on the death of a friend

My friend is gone. He left this world today. I need to talk about him, to tell his story. He has lifelong friends, people who were much closer to him. And yes, they are probably in better positions to give witness to his life. But I’m the writer and this is what I’m called to do. And for whatever reason, I was there at the end to tell the story. It was a long time coming. The bad cells inside... Read more

The worth of every human life

I’ve been selling some unique things on eBay recently. Some headlights from my son’s old car. Books I haven’t read. Coins from my great uncle. A watch from somewhere.  Memorabilia that I don’t want or need. I call most of it, “junk.”   And yet, I’m always amazed at the price people will pay. Is it really worth that much? I’m learning a principle in the auction world. The value of an item is never determined by the seller. It’s always determined by... Read more

When your child leaves home, you both have to grow up

I walked into his room it seemed like there was a little less oxygen. I gulped. There was a cereal bowl in the corner of the room. And a single sock hung over the chair like a surrender flag. A tattered Michael Jordan poster hung on the wall. He was gone.  The boy-man was now well on his way to becoming a man-boy. Our first born son – the one who carried my name as his middle name – was... Read more

The Toys of Summer (This simplicity is all any kid needs)

The best summer days are those that are simple. We don’t have to complicate things. As kids, all you really need for a fun summer day is a ball, a stick and a box. The best-selling toys from this last Christmas season were hi-tech inventions, full of innovation and wizardry. Many of them need batteries or a manual. If I was a kid, I might be fascinated with them for a while, but then go back to something simple. If you... Read more

Funnyman Jim Carrey Finds His Way Home Through Suffering

People who lose their way are all around us. Stumbling around, foolishly picking their way through the carnage they’ve created. It’s hard for me to judge. Heck, I was one of them. And on many days, I’m still wandering. I’m seeing some of you along the way too, fellow pilgrims looking for home. Jim Carrey, preaching the gospel I recently saw a recent video of Jim Carrey, speaking of his own lostness – and how he is finding his way... Read more

Reading the Directions – Why Must I Learn the Hard Way?

Have you ever ignored the instructions, not even bothering to read them? Call it pride. Call it over-confidence. Sometimes you call it stupid. Read on about a lesson I learned the hard way. Photo by Jordan McQueen via Unsplash A couple of years ago I sustained some injuries to my hands. And I have no one else to blame but me. You see, I make a living with my fingers, typing the day away creating corporate communications – a magazine, an... Read more

An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World

If you’re a pessimist, these are the best of times. There’s plenty of proof that the world has gone mad — A political war that is intent on ridicule, division at all levels of society, an endless supply of victims, and then terrorism that seems to find no end. The pessimist has got to be feeling a little smug. Yes, you told us so. Looking for the dark side of the moon Getting some people to see any glimmer is... Read more

Maybe God Didn’t Hear My Prayer

There was one thing I wanted from God. It was virtuous. It was honorable. It was good. So I prayed. And I asked. And I exhorted. And nothing happened. Maybe He didn’t hear my prayer. Maybe He didn’t care. Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash The prayer was for a miracle for someone else, for a change of heart and direction. I prayed boldly, after all we’re told that with “the faith of a mustard seed,” we can... Read more

How a Simple Baker Ended up at the Front of the Culture Wars

What if you were faced with a challenge to your faith by the full weight of politics, culture, and popular opinion?  What if your entire livelihood came down to one choice between right and wrong? This is what’s happening to my friend Jack Phillips, a baker. He is happiest when he has flour on his face and a wedding cake to decorate. For years I was in a men’s Bible Study with him. He is quiet, simple and completely without... Read more