The Toys of Summer (This simplicity is all any kid needs)

The best summer days are those that are simple. We don’t have to complicate things. As kids, all you really need for a fun summer day is a ball, a stick and a box. The best-selling toys from this last Christmas season were hi-tech inventions, full of innovation and wizardry. Many of them need batteries or [Read More…]

Funnyman Jim Carrey Finds His Way Home Through Suffering

Jim Carrey speaks the language of redeemed men and women when he says, “Suffering leads to salvation.” [Read more…]

Reading the Directions – Why Must I Learn the Hard Way?

Have you ever ignored the instructions, not even bothering to read them? Call it pride. Call it over-confidence. Sometimes you call it stupid. [Read more…]

An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World

If you’re a pessimist, these are the best of times. [Read more…]

Maybe God Didn’t Hear My Prayer

There was one thing I wanted from God. It was virtuous. It was honorable. It was good. So I prayed. And I asked. And I exhorted. And nothing happened. Maybe He didn’t hear my prayer. Maybe He didn’t care. The prayer was for a miracle for someone else, for a change of heart and direction. I prayed [Read More…]

How a Simple Baker Ended up at the Front of the Culture Wars

What if you were faced with a challenge to your faith by the full weight of politics, culture, and popular opinion? What if your entire livelihood came down to one choice between right and wrong? [Read more…]

International Refugee Day – Have we forgotten so quickly?

It was just two years ago that the world was riveted by a the sight of a little boy face down on a beach, one of millions who were rushing to flee terror, bedlam and war in the Middle East. From Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and others they banged on Europe’s door, lining up against [Read More…]

Don’t Waste Your Trial: 6 Truths That Can Change Your Life

Eventually, it comes to everyone. You can’t really plan for it, because it sneaks up in the middle of the night, or it raids your happiest moments in life, or destroys the ending to the perfect story. If you’re human, you will have some sort of trial come your way. It’s a guarantee. You may [Read More…]

Straight Lines: Why Order Matters in a Crazy World

I don’t always like rules of society, at work, or in my faith. But they are there to keep structure and to keep our silly human ways from wandering. [Read more…]

Who says you can’t? (Breaking the rules)

Since the overthrow of the government in 1979, The Islamic Republic of Iran has a number of restrictive laws. Women can go to the gym, but they must stay in their Hijab. They can sit in restaurants and cafes, but they cannot smoke in public. There are more than 100 offenses that carry the death [Read More…]