Here’s the Part of the Refugee Ban that Makes Sense

This weekend, President Trump dropped the jarring news of an executive order that spelled out a ban on refugees and immigrants from certain countries. It really isn’t news, since throughout his march to the presidency he spoke repeatedly about keeping out the bad actors and promising a temporary ban. As long as a year ago, [Read More…]

What to do when incivility grips a civilization

More than a million women marched across the nation and world this weekend. They marched for issues like gender gaps in pay, abortion and gay rights. But call it what you want, these rallies were really just an opposition toward the election and now inauguration of Donald Trump. That’s fine, when you have a nation [Read More…]

“Wake Up.” A Middle Eastern immigrant has a message for America (and Donald Trump)

  He was animated, gregarious and engaging. He was also slightly edgy, not really comfortable.  Glancing around, he seemed to check every person that walked past our table at Whole Foods. But when I heard Joe Bagi’s story, I couldn’t blame him for being furtive. “I never go to crowded places,” he admitted. “I grew [Read More…]

Try a Little Kindness (A Skeptic Gives it Another Shot)

You’ve seen the bumper stickers, COEXIST printed out in letters representing all religions. It sounds good, but truth is a funny thing – it doesn’t play well with others. And you believe you have truth, then the clash of ideas enters. The same goes for politics. We’ve seen a nation split. The Blue Dogs and [Read More…]

The Christmas Pinata

Sometimes meaningless repetition is found in tradition. But if you look, there is great beauty. The story of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to rest on the Holy Night has been retold in  nearly every culture and language.  The King and Savior of the world wasn’t born in a castle, but in the [Read More…]

Christmas and the Family Feud

My friend Marlene Bagnull is rich in love and grace. And based on an article she wrote more than 35 years ago for Decision Magazine, she is also wise.  Entitled, “When Families Don’t Get Along – Peace at Christmas” the piece strikes a chord in many lives. We love to sing the Silent Night, when [Read More…]

Let it Go: Why Holding on Isn’t Always Such a Good Idea

Three years ago I unloaded my 1956 Chevy. As the buyer loaded it up on the trailer, the groans from the old girl were loud. I watched it go down the road on the trailer like a regal queen, sitting high above the traffic. It was my first car, brimming with memories. Part of the [Read More…]

Giving Thanks for Donald Trump {And Why You Should Too}

This Thanksgiving season, it seems that I’m praying a lot. I’m giving thanks for a job, for friends, for family. I’m actually giving thanks for the 20 extra pounds I’m carrying, a sign that I live in the land of plenty. I’m giving thanks for blessings seen and unseen. And I’m also praying for others. [Read More…]

Jubilant? Despondent? How God’s people should respond to the election results

The election is over. Finally, the popups, the stuffed mailboxes and nonstop advertisements can disappear and we can get back to living life. A little less than 0ne-half of our nation is suffering disappointment, and another large percentage is completely thrilled. Another large percentage is uneasy with the results. Let me speak to all sides. As [Read More…]

Syrian Refugees Find Faith, Life (It Could Happen in Your Town)

The Syrian crisis continues to be a humanitarian issue that should rivet the world. The renewed assault on Aleppo, by a variety of forces, is creating unfathomable pain. Political leaders, thinkers, religious figures and aid workers should come together and figure how to end the dismantling of a once prosperous and free country. But God [Read More…]