It was 1981 and I was a college freshman. Billy Graham was coming to Reno – the Biggest Little City in World. At the time it was one fo the few places where you could gamble, carry open containers on the street. Just outside of town there were legal brothels. The city would never be the same. For four nights he preached to a overfilled auditorium. I invited friends and people from my dorm. I think there were nine of… Read more

I would much rather have a Vice President that listens to God, than a leader who pushes every divine voice away. I would much rather follow a leader who is humble enough to claim that he doesn’t know the answer to every question. I am comfortable following a man who on his knees asks God for help. If the Vice President has a mental illness for talking to Jesus, then call me crazy too.  Maybe, as a nation, we can mock a little less and listen a little more.   Read more

I hate the skepticism that this world is brewing. We have a swarm mentality over every little wrong. It’s the out-of-proportion responses. It’s the broad brushes that we wipe over entire people.  After a while we either believe everything to be true or nothing. There is no middle ground. I want to believe in something, I really do. But I’m not ready to trust Facebook to do a good job of sorting it out.   Read more

He doesn’t pick winners and losers in this life. There’s no certainty of victory in this life. In fact, we are promised hardship and pain more than ease and comfort. He does call us to faithfulness, to hard work and to obedience. But this moment is an opportunity for God-fearing men to stand tall with a trophy in one hand, and their faith in the other and proclaim loudly their One True Devotion. Read more

We walk in a world of contrast, light and dark, good and bad, beautiful and ugly. The great philosopher Arlo Guthrie once said, “If you don’t ever know the darkness, man, you’ll never really appreciate the light.” Read more

This should concern every ethnicity, faith group, and national identify. This is a human problem and as humans, we all need to be concerned. Read more

Of all the things you see on Facebook today, this is the one read that might just give you hope. My thoughts and affections should be filled with much more than the troubles of this world. Yes there is grief. Yes there is sadness. Yes there is inequity, and hatred, and persecution. Yes there is hunger, and pain, and unfaithfulness. But….”think on these things” Read more

The news is filled with “scary” things. Foods that kill. Everyday activities that threaten. Household products that maim. You don’t want to dive into something purposefully harmful. But since when did the world become such a frightening place to live? Read more

“In the secular world, beauty gets you places. But in the Christian world, the inverse is true. Attractive women are to be distrusted…Instead of trying to build healthy relationships, we cut them off,” That’s some of the questions Dr. Halee Gray Scott helps us wrestle with in this interview. She wants the church to be the leader in our society, leading with clarity and truth. Read more

Retrospect is a human luxury. It’s great to remember the good, the joyous journey of the past. But it also serves as a painful, backwards glance at what could-have-been, should-have-been. When I look back at some of the decisions I’ve made regarding relationships, actions, and spoken words, I have to wonder, “What was I thinking?” I admit there are times when I wonder what my life would have been like without those stupid, silly, and often sinful decisions. The rear-view… Read more

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