None of this is cute. None of this is excusable. Especially for those of us who claim Christ to be our King. Read more

It’s not wise to weave our faith into the flag. We must be loyal to King Jesus before any earthly kingdom. Patriotism is fine, but it’s not Christianity. Read more

I don’t want to talk football right now. A man walked into a church and started shooting. Read more

Handmade soaps. Artisan ginger ale. Bottled perfumes. Small-batch roasted coffee. Custom meats.  Craft breweries.  Some of this is the result of the entrepreneurship spirit that is sweeping America’s millennials. Whether it’s starting a business on Etsy or eBay or opening a food truck, the desire for self-determination is a trend that is helping drive this change in occupations. A EY/EIG survey on the Millennial Economy helps us understand what’s going on: 62 percent of millennials “have considered starting their own business.” 78… Read more

Last week we remembered the horrors of 9/11. This is an anniversary that we should never forget, that we wish had never happened. What a different world we live in. Think of all the young people who have never lived in a world that isn’t reminded of terror every single day. They have never met grandma at the doors of the airport gate as she left her airplane. They have never lived in a world where simple backpacks can’t be taken… Read more

Earlier this week I posted some reflections on “thoughts and prayers.” I’m not against either, but I think we add another word, “Do.” I just read about three classmates in Northern Ohio who wanted to find a way to help the Hurricane victims. At first, according to their teacher Stephenie Skolosh, they asked the obvious questions. “What can we do? We’re little. And we’re here, far away from them.” Stephanie said she “talked about praying for them.” But the St…. Read more

I’m at the point in my life where I’m no longer satisfied with just Thoughts and Prayers. Read more

Grace. You’ve heard the word thrown around in sermons, songs and prayers, but do you really really know it? I contend that you’ll never understand it until you live it. The two of them stood swaying on the bus. I was lucky enough to hold a seat so I wouldn’t be thrown about by the potholes that the driver went out of his way to hit. I couldn’t help overhearing their conversation as I tried to look away. One of the men… Read more

The air is swampy down here. There’s a musty smell everywhere you go. The only thing that smells good is the occasional front yard bonfire as people incinerate their household items before the mold rots them. Everything else is on the curb, stacked high. A solidarity of devastation, no home is spared. It’s kind of sad to see people’s possessions like this, a premature disposal of a lifetime of accumulation. Maybe things they couldn’t sell in the last garage sale… Read more

I went to the downtown Post Office today to mail out my broken laptop. That’s another story for another time. Encased in bubble wrap and tape and a flat-rate box I  was primed and ready to use the automated machine and leave. Two minutes tops was my goal. I thought about parking and dashing in, skipping the ceremonial dropping of the coins in the parking meter. But I’ve learned a lesson about the meters that ring the office long ago…. Read more

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