How Greta Spent Her Spring Break

Greta Van Susteren, host of MSNBC For the Record, traveled over Spring Break.

Like millions of other Americans, she took a trip. But she didn’t soak in the waters of the Caribbean or play on the beaches of Cancun. She went to Northern Iraq and documented the travails of Christians rebuilding their communities.

She saw “ISIS devastation with my own eyes,” and it’s heart-wrenching.

It brought back many memories for me. Last year, I interviewed dozens of Iraqi refugees, those who had fled. Their stories were real. A few of these stories are listed below in case you didn’t read them the first time:

ISIS interrupted their wedding plans, but not their love

Family of five: We pray for ISIS

Nowhere to go: Refugee families escaped persecution, but cannot escape captivity

The straw that broke the camel’s back

He fought for both Iraq and the US – Now no one wants him

The news is a funny thing. It cycles and people move on. But for these people who have lived in the cradle of Christianity, their lives continue to be upended and uncertain.

This fall, I’ll be travelling to the Syrian border to talk to Christians pushed out of that region. If you would like to join in that effort, there’s a chance to help here. 

We must continue to tell their story or the world will forget. Thank you Greta for helping us remember.



(If you would like to help bring needed supplies to these refugees, you can give here).

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