Fox rejects "Jesus Hates Obama" ad for Super Bowl

Every year, it seems, someone creates an outrageous ad that generates gobs of publicity because no one ever sees it on the Super Bowl.

It’s happened again this year.  Details, from the New York Daily News:

Fox has rejected a controversial Super Bowl ad from conservative comedy site, according to the site’s creator.

Richard Belfry insists the proposed 30-second-ad, which depicts bobble-head versions of President Obama and a scowling Jesus, is just a joke.

“Do I really believe that Jesus hates Obama? Absolutely not,” Belfry, a comedian based in L.A. who sells Jesus Hates Obama apparel on his site, told the Daily News.

The company admits on its site that it doesn’t really hate Obama. Belfry insisted he was merely trying poke fun of the Obama Administration and to also sell his merchandise.

The site received an e-mail from Ruth Levenson, Fox’s vice president for broadcast standards and practices earlier this month that said the commercial was “not acceptable to air on FOX.”

The group then tried to appeal the decision, and that too was rejected.

You can see the ad for yourself below.

YouTube Preview Image
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  1. Here’s the sad thing…it’s not even that Good!!!

  2. Greg, I am glad that you have posted this ad.

    Although I know that the trashing of Sarah Palin that some people do is often unfair and over the top in common decency, I would dare to say that it is matched (maybe even more) by the extreme hatred that some have for President Obama.

    What is particularly galling to me here in this ad is the distortion of the Gospel message and the obvious pleasure someone has taken to make this ad appear to be funny.

    Political hatred is has always been with us although most would agree that is not as virulent as today due to the Internet and the rapid dissemination of lies and distortions. (With the death of Shriver this week, I recall something that a colleague of mine told me. His wife was in a grammar school in Florida when the teacher announced that President Kennedy had been assassinated. The students clapped.)

  3. Fr. Deacon Daniel says:

    This is simply distasteful and sacrilegious.

    I may be very politically inclined in a conservative direction, but I am a Christian first and to abuse the name of Christ like that as well as to say such a thing about the President even in jest is beyond the pale.

    Perhaps it is the fact that as a Byzantine deacon I pray for President Obama in every Divine Liturgy along with all civil authorities as we are called to do. I disagree with our President vehemently on many things, but lifting him up in prayer certainly softens one’s heart to his basic humanity as a child of God deserving of respect.

    Good decision by Fox.

    Richard Belfry needs to repent and apologize.

  4. Richard Belfry? As if “bats in the…” He had to know that they would reject it – sounds like a big self-serving publicity stunt.

  5. Fr Deacon- do you pray for Obama by name? My husband just prays for “all civil authorities” (which of course includes whoever is president)

  6. Bruce Tereski says:

    Finally, a reason to laud a station for rejecting a commercial offenisve to Christians.

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