Best opening paragraph of the week

Maybe, the month.

Check it out:

In his concise, elegant book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist: Unlocking the Secrets of the Last Supper, Brant Pitre, a professor of sacred scripture at the Notre Dame seminary at New Orleans, attempts the scholarly equivalent of patting his head while rubbing his stomach and juggling chainsaws. That is, he makes a case for the Real Presence in the Eucharist for an ecumenical readership. And he does it — get this — by citing rabbinic literature.

Well, now.  If that doesn’t make you keep reading, nothing will. Kudos, to Max Lindenman for that.  (He instantly tops my list of writers I hate, because I wish I’d written that.   Harumph.)

Read the rest of what he has to say about Brant Pitre’s book — now featured in the Patheos Book Club.  Good, good stuff.


  1. I’m so delighted to find that Dr. Pitre has finally published this book! I took a class on New Testament with Brant 3 years ago and was bowled over by his brilliance. At that tiime, he shared some of the direction he intended to go in this new book – and we have been waiting ever since! It is exciting to see it so well received by so many – I’m waiting for my copy to be delivered!

  2. Okay. I wish I’d written that. Now I need to go to confession for a bad case of envy.

  3. This is exciting.

  4. I heard this talk about three years ago. Eye-popping is putting it mildly. I can’t wait to start reading!

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