If I could vote in the Oscars…

…here’s my pick for picture of the year.

There is more truth, pain, joy, poetry and poignancy in this five minute clip than in any other I can imagine.  And I love that the final moment of the trilogy ends the way the first movie began, with a shot of an impossibly beautiful sky, and the promise of dreams that stretch to infinity (and, yes, beyond.)

Here it is again, the conclusion of “Toy Story 3.”  Tissues required.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Paul Stokell

    Why do Andy’s boxes have Russian labels?? Is there a hidden mob connection Lassiter has yet to let us in on?

  • oldestof9

    Wow, you weren’t kidding…(sniff)

  • ron chandonia

    I think it works best if you have watched at least one of your kids grow up and leave home. I know I cried when I saw it at the movies.

  • Eka

    My son was going off to college the same time as Andy…this movie broke my heart!