I'm surprised that the meeting lasted that long

Glenn Beck recently sat down with Billy Graham for three hours.

The result?

“I spoke of a growing darkness and evil,” Beck said of his meeting with Graham. “He spoke of a greater growth of light.”

More on the Beck and Billy over at First Things.


  1. I guess we need to pray that Glenn Beck may soon be a child of Hope!

  2. I happend to think they are both right!

    There is without question a great darkness in the world, especially in the American Culture. How could there not be when we have accepted gay marriage, teenage sex, ‘Christian’ churches sans crosses, and abortion (at the rate of 3500-4000 day? As for sin, well, that’s all “relative” for the most part, and sin is indeed “dark.”

    But Grahm is also correct, for as Catholics, we know that where sin abides, grace prevails all the more!

    As the saying goes: The darker it gets, the greater the stars shine! Father Corapi often teaches that the greatest saints will be in the darkest and end times, (not assuming we are in end times, just sayin’).

    As for Beck, I continue to pray that he will be led back to his Catholic Faith. I think his intentions are in the right place, and he certainly is a bright guy, but needs to unravel himself from “Left Behind” nonsense and Morman, non-Christian influence.

    That said, like all of us, Beck is a work in progress.

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