Separated at birth: Timothy Dolan and John Lasseter

Seriously.  Have you noticed the resemblance?

The celebrated Archbishop of New York could be a dead ringer for the Oscar-winning genius behind “Toy Story” and “Cars.”  (The latter just won a Life Achievement award from the Motion Picture Academy.)


  1. Regina Faighes says:

    The resemblance is remarkable. They could be twins!

  2. Donal Mahoney says:

    If Lasseter were archbishop of New York, I wonder if by now he would have had a talk with Bishop Hubbard of Albany about Governor Cuomo continuing to receive Holy Communion in light of his politics and his live-in companion. Somebody should have a chat with Cuomo real soon before anyone thinks he’s a model for Catholic laymen. Maybe Cardinal Burke could fly in from Rome and do the honors.

  3. hahaha,Fr. I mean, Deacon.

  4. pagansister says:

    Wonder if they have checked their DNA? They do look like they are a least related if not twins, cousins or something.

  5. It is remarkable. I would love to see both of them at an event and watch the reactions of people around them!

  6. Perhaps they should collaborate on the next Pixar film! :-D

  7. @Donal, I shall express to you what my esteemed Bishop Howard J. Hubbard suggested to Edward Peters; it is not really your concern.

    Perhaps you might spend some time with the second reading of today’s (Sunday) liturgy, from 1 Corinthians.

    Thank you and peace.

  8. Denise: Don’t let any bishop near any film. Mr. Lasseter is doing fine. However, I do believe that Pixar does well because they are able to develop stories with true moral premises, e.g. the psychological/moral spine deals truthfully with moral law… upon which Catholicism is based.

  9. Ah, sorry about that. The phrase in that last post (“with moral law”) should have read, “with NATURAL law.”

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