"The Keyser Soze" of evangelists

Pardon the absence of an umlaut.  I’m not sure how to add one.

But I am sure of this: Max Lindenman is the real deal.

For proof, just read his latest essay, which references in its lede one of the ’90s greatest movies (crafted from one of the decade’s most inventive screenplays), while dissecting the work of Jack Chick and Flannery O’Connor.   Really.

Go and read.   You can thank me later.

"Francis has taken a new course from the one he initially traveled"
Words the world needs to hear
This news made my week: Denise is here at Patheos!
On Cardinal George: "The whole notion of him being this arch conservative is so wrong..."


  1. Max Lindenman says:

    Deacon Greg:

    This is the second recommendation you’ve given me in two weeks. I’m going to have to send you a case of something highly intoxicating.

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