Why don't people go to church?

Someone posted this inspired piece below on his Facebook page…

One priest got tired of listening to exuses why people skip the Church, and has written this:

18 reasons why I do not wash myself:

1. Because they made me wash myself when I was a kid.

2. Because they didn’t teach me to wash myself when I was a kid.

3. Those who wash themselves are hypocrites – they think they are cleaner than others.

4. Can not decide which soap is better.

5. I used to wash myself before, but then I got bored.

6. I wash myself only on the great feasts – on Nativity and on Easter.

7. None of my friends washes himself.

8. Will start to wash myself when I become old and dirty.

9. I have no time for washing myself.

10. Water is too cold in winter, and too hot in summer.

11. I do not want soap producers to make money on me.

12. I wash myself in soul. (In Russian words shower and soul sound almost the same. Some people ground their skipping the Church that God must be in soul not in the Church.)

13. All soaps are the same. Different soaps were invented by swindlers.

14. All wars in the world are because of the soap.

15. Every soap has it’s flaws. I wash myself with 3 different soaps at once. Only this combination of soaps is correct.

16. Science has proved it already since the 19th century, no soap, even the ideal, can wash down all molecules and atoms of dirt. That is why washing yourself is a hoax and “opium for homeless”.

17. Every soap contains top hazardous chemical ingredients affecting your skin.

18. You shouldn’t teach your kid to wash himself. When he will grow up he will understand whether he shall wash himself or not, and which soap to use.

  • Pat McNamara

    Better stay away from his Mass! he must stink up the place.

  • Regina Faighes

    This is very clever. I love it!

  • Rudy

    Very good, let’s see what the site contrarians have to say.

  • http://breadhere.blogspot.com Fran Rossi Szypylczyn

    Interestingly enough, we had a discussion about this during class last night.

    I think that this list underscores anger – and I understand that anger. Under the anger is perhaps sadness; I know I feel it when I see empty pews.

    That said, I think that it does not do any service to the actual situation and certainly not to the solution. The definition of insanity, it is said, it doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Why do people stay away? I think that there are multiple reasons for this; some generational and some not. I will say that I think one huge reason is that we live in a very postmodern culture and the enshrinement of individualism along with a society that lacks depth is one huge issue. While I do not wish to have a hellfire scenario, I do think that people stopped thinking it was a sin to go to mass and that has reared its ugly head. Add to that – and Greg you know me and know where I come from – there is a lack of the sacred. I would never be called a traditionalist and while I do not “blame” Vatican II, we are missing something.

    God did not lead Moses and the Jews through the desert to go backwards. Despite wanting to return to Egypt at times, they went forward. So must we, but how?

    That brings me to a final point – we must all listen more. All of us – those in power, those in the pews and those who are away.

    There are no simple solutions, but what we find will only be found in the transformative power of the Eucharist, of community and of love in action.

  • Dave McKenna

    May I suggest…

    19. I don’t believe in organized soap production. Only the soap I make myself is right for me

    20. You don’t need soap, thats a lie from the soap companies to control your life. Just bathe in the beauty of nature and you’ll be fresh as a daisy

  • Jon White

    The need for soap was invented by the capitalists to enslave the proletariat into the mind-numbing ritual of obsessive-compulsive regular washing so as to distract from the proletariat’s misery and prevent the REVOLUTION that nevertheless is inevitable!

  • romancrusader

    It’s simple why people don’t go to Church.

    1. Banal music being played. What ever happened to those traditional Catholic hymns?

    2. Latin being taken out mass!

    3. Liturgical abuse.

    4. Missal abuse.

    5. No Gregorian Chant!

    Come on Catholics wake up!

  • Anniem

    Fantastic. Many years ago our pastor published “Ten Reasons Why I don’t Wash” in the parish bulletin. He has gone on to his heavenly reward, and I am so happy to see that this list has been updated to reflect the times in which we live. Thank you. The addendum is right on!!!

  • Anniem

    Sorry, should have attributed the addendum to roman crusade. Still true!

  • http://jomlongo@aol.com JoAnn

    I think I would agree with posters Fran and romancrusader above. I remember when I was little, we would get dressed up for Church and my sisters and I would wear hats and gloves. I don’t remember when that stopped. I would have to say that the “crazies” took the reforms of Vatican II and started to push their own agenda, saying that it was required/permitted under Vatican II. I would also add that when your pastor only talks to you when he wants $$$, that would tend to keep people away as well.

  • http://breadhere.blogspot.com Fran Rossi Szypylczyn

    For the record, I am not at all saying that we need to go back to the old missal/liturgy. Quite the contrary.

    With all due respect, I object to the use of the word “crazies.” Perhaps JoAnn can explain how vilifying others upholds the Body of Christ and the dignity of the human person. Did anyone read Deacon Greg’s link to Heather King’s brilliant post yesterday?

    We are all God’s children and it seems to me that He does not play favorites.

    JoAnn is quite correct however about the money talk – deadly.

  • Joe Snavely

    I think that this list, clever as it may be, missed a point that is often missed by those of us on the “inside.” The current generations of “missing” people in the pews aren’t pushing against something that they experienced as a kid…check the statistics…they were NEVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. We have to find ways to communicate the Good News to people who don’t know the story, and have no memory or inkling that would suggest that it might be relevant to them.

  • Brandy M Miller

    I think a large part of this can be summarized by the simple statement that most Catholics do not understand what is in the Mass and therefore have no clue as to why they need it. I know I grew up like that.

    God is everywhere, but only in the Mass can I receive Christ as nourishment and become a living Tabernacle, carrying His light to others. I can read Scripture at Home, but I cannot hear Christ speaking to me from within it the same way as I do during the priest’s homily. The Church is full of sinners and hypocrites; thank goodness there is always room for one more (ME!).

  • charm

    Freedom of religion is a basic individual right. I still go to church, so does my own family. That’s how we had been reared up. It’s the same faith that works then and now.

  • teomatteo

    people dont go to mass for the same reason they dont floss… they dont see (or feel) the benefit.

  • Ned

    I don’t know – people in the Western world do not want boundaries. They don’t want order. They don’t want authority. They hear boundaries are bad – do what you want to do when you want to do it. They hear order is bad – if you don’t like something (natural family planning), change it (artificial birth control). They hate authority – who has the right to tell you what to do? Be your own pope! It’s easy to see why some people don’t go to church. It simply doesn’t fit in with their way of thinking. And for young people, you can add a lack of role models and a lack of catechesis. They do what they see and they don’t see good, young, faithful Catholics. And let’s not forget how distracted everyone is. It’s hard to hear God when you’re on Facebook. (Though you can visit God live at http://www.savior.org) It’s hard to hear God when you’re watching Jersey Shore. And let’s talk about family structure. The family is broken and you have parents with exes and kids with moms and dads (literally) who might be changing every two years and it’s chaos. And who wants chaos? To paraphrase a book title I saw a long time ago, let’s just say “he’s alive and well on planet Earth.” Not my greatest response, but I thought I’d give it anyway.

  • RomCath

    Lack of belief in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is the main reason. If people really believed in the words of Jesus in John 6, how could they stay away?

  • Ned

    @RomCath – and if you want to see Him right now at work or wherever you are go to


    and say a prayer for the Sisters there in perpetual adoration. Sometimes you just gotta say, “God bless the Internet.”

  • Bob

    RomCath is right. Also, rejection of Mass in place of TV on Sunday (thanks especially to Sunday sports programming) is a violation of not only the third but also the first commandment. We are placing an idol above God.

    If you don’t believe that the Eucharist is the Source, Center, and Summit of your faith then it seems to me the Church is not at fault but your faith is. For me it has little to do with the changes in the Liturgy via Vatican II as the Mass is still valid. What I think is truly the problem is spiritual blindless as being the product of a highly materialistic culture.

    Here’s an idea- want to get more out of the Mass? Give up TV for Lent or limit your viewing of it to the weather channel and EWTN and get to Mass more often. In place of watching TV read the Bible more often (especially passages like John 6). Then watch and observe as your eyes of faith are opened and you become transformed.

  • http://newadvent.org Stephanie Bodene

    Do you know why people don’t go to church? Because it’s BORING! BORING BORING BORING!!!

    People go to church (as Henry Adams put it so well) “to see God.” When they don’t find Him, they don’t come back.

  • http://deacon'sbench cjmorley

    People don’t wash because they are just to lazy.

    Those who make the soap charge to much.

  • Ned

    @Stephanie – You have a valid point, although we don’t necessarily go to Mass to be entertained – we go to be fed. People who go to be entertained will inevitably be disappointed, because priests die or are transferred and you never know who you’re going to get. It stands to reason too that people who do go to Mass aren’t getting anything out of it because they go unprepared. Have you been to confession lately? How many people showed up? Eight? Out of a parish of thousands. I’m speaking for myself. I go to confession regularly, I study the faith, I sacrifice on Fridays, I pray daily, I read the readings before Mass, and you could put a deaf-mute priest on the altar day in and day out and I’d still go, because I am not going in order to be entertained. I am going to save myself (God willing).

  • http://www.vivacristorey.blogspot.com Donna Ruth

    Roman Crusader wrote #’s 1-5; I’ve taken the liberty to add #6:

    It’s simple why people don’t go to Church.

    1. Banal music being played. What ever happened to those traditional Catholic hymns?

    2. Latin being taken out mass!

    3. Liturgical abuse.

    4. Missal abuse.

    5. No Gregorian Chant!

    (6. Many Catholics have forgotten, or have not been told that, no matter the music or language, in every Mass, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega, the Way, the Truth and the Life comes down on the altar at the Consecration to become the most sublime hidden Eucharistic Jesus, life for our starving souls).

    Come on Catholics wake up! (Indeed – they need priests to tell them of the treasure waiting for them)

  • jim

    we are all chidren of GOD ?
    NO ! it’s not a gimme !!
    JOHN 1 : 12 : ” But to as many as did receive and welcome
    HIM , HE gave the right / power / authority to become children of GOD , that is , to those who believe in / trust / rely on HIS name. ”

    NED , ” I”m going to save myself ” i don’t think so .
    try looking at john 3:16 / eph 2 ; 8, 9
    all the ” religious ” things you do will only prompt a ” i never knew you response “.

  • Ned

    @Jim – I meant I am going to Mass in order to save myself. I am not going in order to be entertained. Don’t forget – faith without works is dead. Born again means through baptism. And God won’t know you if you never show up to Mass if you are able to and understand that you should go. If you’re from the jungles or whatever, you might get off. But if you understand John 6 and were taught what it means, you need to go as one of the conditions of working toward your salvation. (The others are repent, believe, and be baptized.) And we do it all with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). God is the final judge. To assume you are saved through faith alone is presumption. To assume you can never be saved is despair, the sin of Judas.

  • jim g

    People don’t go to Mass-because- they are deceived by the angel of light to do anything else but go to Mass-The “angel’s” doing a pretty good job ain’t he?
    Stephanie-The most boring people in this life are the Bored-One gets from the Mass to the extent that one has tried to follow Jesus all week long..

  • http://facebook Barbara

    I believe that people don’t go to Church, any Church, because it is not just the Catholic Church that has empty pews is because they are first, lazy, second, because sermons don’t relate to today and lastly because if they don’t need God until something happens it is easier just to miss. Oh, I forgot about all the money talks and the fact that what has gone on with the priests and their transgressions makes it hard to have faith in the great priests who are left to clean up the mess.

  • Mary

    I am a baby-boomer. I had 12 years of Catholic school.

    I consider myself a strong Roman Catholic, I read the Bible, I believe everything the Church teaches. I have no doubts (well, the recent priest scandals are a problem for me, not so much the priests, but the hierachy involvement) and I truly believe that the Catholic Church is the True Church.

    However, I am also a hyprocrite. I do not go to Mass anymore. I used to even go to noon Mass 3-5 days a week.

    Why? Lack of holiness. Lack of passion. Boring preaching. Preaching that did no teaching, no guiding. The Church teaches many wonderful things, but in action, in my parishes, it seemed to be “don’t rock the boat”.

    It is not the responsibility of the Church to entertain me. It is not the responsibility of the Church to put on a good show at Mass. Yes, for me, good music helps, but there was no music at all at my noon Masses. Solid teaching from the pulpit would be much welcomed. Bible study classes were white-bread and shallow and I learned more reading my own Bible and its notes at home.

    Perhaps I am rambling, in fact I know I am rambling, but I am trying to explain that which I do not fully understand. My Church friends did not live the life they professed to believe. One priest gave permission for a couple to get married, she for the 3rd time, in Church. Folks I have met who live the life of a Catholic seem to be rigid and condemning of others, rather than focusing on their own lives, rather than expressing Christ’s love. Allowing their teenage daughters to have abortions, putting their teenage daughters on birth control whether the girl is sexually active or not…….

    Something is missing. I don’t want an Evangilical environment, I don’t want weeping and moaning. I don’t want my faith based on emotions. But I do want my Church, my faith, to be holy, better, special. When I enter my Mother’s Church it feels like a community theatre. Another Church I used to attend did not have a permanent crucifix, or kneelers!

    Again, I know I am a hyprocrite. It is entirely possible the problem is all mine, all within me. At Mass, I don’t feel holiness, I don’t feel peace, I don’t feel a committment to the Teachings. I don’t feel that the Church is a special place. I miss the feelings of Trust, of the Absolute.

  • Ned

    @Jim – I would also add that everything I listed in #22 Jesus Himself taught his disciples to do – eat his flesh and drink his blood, pray, study the scriptures, sacrifice on Fridays (He sacrificed Himself on a Friday), and confess one’s sins. So instead of sitting back and saying, “I believe,” and moving on with my life assuming “I’m saved,” I work out my salvation all the time – with fear, trembling, and faith. Jesus could have said, “Say, ‘I believe’ one time and then you’re done.” But it’s not that simple. Maybe people don’t go to church because they think it is that simple. In closing, ’cause I’ve leaving my cubicle now, I presume I am not worthy enough to enter heaven if I were to die this afternoon, so, if you wish, you may certainly pray for me. Thankfully we do believe in the one and true God.

  • Fr. John

    And so there you have it. Reducing religion to soap which is a tactic that is quite popular with the ones who refrain from abiding by the laws of our faith. “WHO WE ARE IS WHAT WE GIVE TO OTHERS”. God created us to be, an unwavering commitment to the will of God, and an unquenchable concern for unholy people. We need to be all God created us to be..
    The unchurched are the most critical and the religeous have the most excuses. As a Catholic you must be in agreement with the Pope and the Bishops whic means going to and supporting your church. It’s that simple. You are either a Catholic or you are a critic…It’s up to you……..

  • Glenn Galtere


    Have heart. There are Catholic Parishes like the one you heart desires. Only a suggestion: plug in with what you have to offer and you be the catalyst that starts a renewal in your parish. You can ignite many people who feel the same way. Be Blessed.

  • charles woodbury

    Let’s do a 180 & see why we should “bathe”. Because Jesus is there waiting for me in the confessional, with a towel and wash basin, and a beautiful smile on His face.
    And He is called the source & summit in the blessed sacrament,
    which is in the tabernacle, His physical presence, only in the Catholic churches is this so.
    Then why not once again act like it?
    Give us back our alter rails, and genuflecting towards Jesus in the tabernacle, instead of bowing to the alter where He isn’t yet. You bishops & priests, give us back the reverence you stole from us with all the innovations you pulled off on your own. Give us back a house that is silent, that’s a house of prayer.
    Maybe these things won’t help people to return, but maybe if implemented they would change the maybe 70% who don’t believe in the real presence to only 40 or 50.

  • billy

    Stephanie’s 100% correct, but everyone just wants to argue with her! Is the object here to argue, or to get people back in church??? The soap analogy is real cute, but it’s not putting more people in pews. Jim, Ned, etc – Are you looking for real solutions, or just want to yap about it?

  • http://www.shaw.ca John. Flipsen

    Why don’t people go to church? reason is the church still has dificulty with listening to people. For political reasons I have been denied to live out my vocation, and this has been going on for almost thirty years. At 51, I was told . John you are to old. And still they are telling me this today. I want church authorities to grow up and listen when a person comes to them and speaks about a [posible vocation]. Vocation is not a matter of ignorance. But a very serious issue. John of the Cross. tells all spiritual Directors.vocation directors, bishop to listen very careful to that what a person has to tell them and not live in ignorance. In my case i only can speak of ignorance by a few people at the top in our diocese. Listening has been “Taboo” This also the reason of the lack of vocations. Their basic problem seems to be “they know it all”. And if we talk about experience of life than we run into zero knowledge of life. That what the everage peron in their diocese is experiencing, Why is this? Becausr many of our priests went to shool, highschool, university, and then they they decided to go to the seminary, So in that period they have seen nothing of life. How the average person is getting around finnancially usually most people live on an income that the basics cannot be paid for unless they add money weekly or monthly by means of credit card use. This very special the case with a good number of seniors. What they have on incomeis always short for daily living. Get around with money you, priests, relgious, bishops.

  • https://considerandhearme.wordpress.com considerandhear

    Love the analogy — until I remembered a church I went to where everyone had to go take hand sanitizer on their way to communion at a parish that doesn’t have confessions anymore. Pure hands, filthy soul.


  • RomCath

    Billy why is Stephanie 100% correct? Is God boring to you, is receiving Jesus Christ boring to you, is being with others who share your faith boring? If these things are boring to you or Stephanie ever think the problem is you? What do you do to enliven the Mass–do you lector, serve, sing in the choir? Anything? Perhaps you just sit there.

  • Deanie

    This is for Mary.
    I have never successfully entered a comment and I hope this works because I really want to respond to Mary.

    I know how you feel. However, there is a need for people like you (and me, too, once-upon-a-time) to pray for guidance. When we see what has happened to the church we once knew and give up, we are giving up on God. He left the church in the hands of men with the promise to be with us forever. If you study (and I mean really study) the Old Testament you will see how God allows men to try to do what they promised to do for Him and they fail, continually! Then, God takes pity on us, time after time, and rebuilds His kingdom using the same weak human beings.
    So we have to hang in there awaiting His intervention. In the meantime, reading really good books about Faith and the writings of the Saints (St. Faustina is a good one) helps very much.
    But, the longer you stay away from the Sacraments, the further from the light you go. You need to go to confession and return to the Sacraments so you can become one of the remnant that helps God rebuild His Church! I will pray for you.

  • marshal

    Exactly right Billy and Stephanie.
    Rubber hitting the road.

  • Nu2Cath

    I converted 3 years ago to Catholicism. As a child, I was raised Catholic in my Father’s family, Methodist in my Mother’s Family. It’s an odd upbringing. Why would I do such a thing, when Methodists are a more casual religion? The structure, the order, and the QUIET. Yep, please let me be bored in church! I find that quiet time renewing. It is good sometimes to just be.
    I’ve been to Methodist services every month or so as my In-Law’s are Methodist and we attend their church when we visit. I find their services disjointed and their need to make it more ‘hip and modern’ to be kinda insulting. I don’t need pretty lights and loud music to maintain attention. It reminds me of a side show trying to ‘sell God.’ Their use of a different version of the bible with more PC terms is also really annoying. It’s ok to say brother and sister…really!
    I guess I’ve not fallen for the incessant need to be entertained. There is a serenity to having quiet and nothingness around you.

  • charles woodbury

    And for you bored ones, will Jesus say at your judgement, “go to hell, you bore me”?
    Try only once to go there and put on blinders or do something that will help you stay focused on Jesus in the tabernacle, because He is there! Maybe stay with the thought that He loves you and His wounds are proof of this fact. When you catch your mind wandering gently return to Him. If this is before/during Mass, prepare to receive Him.
    Because it’s all about HIM!

  • http://www.lulu.com/ Reverend Doctor Victoria A. Howard

    Crime is the reason why I don’t walk to church. Think of that. Do we really need any more martyrs? I should hope not. But since I am an anchorite anyway, and I am enclosed as far as possible, my pastor will bring me communion. I am truly blessed! But oh, how much I loved going to church when it was safe!

  • ND Envirochick

    I would be interested to learn how many of the people proposing reasons why fallen away Catholics no longer practice their faith have actually been in that position.

    I was raised Catholic, left the faith for awhile and returned. While I was away from the faith, I had no interest in sharing with people, whether parishioners, friends or family, my reasons for leaving the Church. It was uncomfortable to be questioned by people, which happened more than I expected it would. In those instances, I fell back on the “standard responses,” things like “I’m spiritual, not religious” or “I don’t believe in organized religion.” It was nonsense, but it shut down the interrogation.

    Many people tried to convince me why I should return, or indignantly demanded that I needed to return, but I don’t ever recall someone simply asking me to join them for Mass without strings attached. When I was ready to return, I postponed that return because I felt judged and marked unworthy as a fallen away Catholic, and thought that stigma would follow me back into the pew. I dreaded facing all of those parishioners, who I knew would “tsk tsk” me behind my back and point out to others, “look who’s finally showed up.” It took an intervention of the most unlikely kind to push me over the threshold that first time, and while there were the occasional awkward moments, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Last month I celebrated my 8th year of returning to the Catholic faith.

    So perhaps my best advice would be that, rather than trying to “solve the problem” that caused them to leave (which in my case at least, was MY problem and not the Church’s problem) or mock/satirize those who have left (regardless of WHY they have left), you should 1) pray for them every day and for their return to their Catholic faith, 2) extend a welcoming hand instead of a critical word, but be patient if they aren’t ready to return yet (and keep asking, gently but consistently), and 3) offer a listening ear and a compassionate heart; when they are ready, they will definitely need it.

  • billy

    RomCath – telling people to enliven the mass isn’t going to bring people in. Nu2Cath – your likes and dislikes are interesting, but don’t solve the problem either.

  • Joanna Ionescu

    It is tragi-comic to see how well some commentaries fit the soap analogy. It should be crystal clear for everyone that people who either do not go to Mass or stopped going do so because they do not believe Jesus is really present in the Eucharist. In the words of Flannery O’Connor: “Well, if it’s a symbol, to hell with it!”

  • RomCath

    “RomCath – telling people to enliven the mass isn’t going to bring people in. ”

    I didn’t say it was going to bring people in but it might bring someone who is “bored” to feel there was a reason for them to be there. I don’t hear any solutions from you. However I think if someone is bored at Mass there is som serious issue going on anyway. It is a rather convenient excuse anyway for committing a grave sin.

  • Deacon Norb

    THANK YOU ! Posting #42 “ND Envirochick.”

    What an awesome statement!

  • Helen

    Following Christ has always been a difficult choice. From the very beginning. As Catholics, we are given the opportunity to relive Calvary, in a way that is unique to who we are, because God created each of us to fulfill a unique part of HIS PLAN.

    I do not know why people do not understand being fed spiritually for a journey that ends after death. Yes, there are many distractions in this world, that try to take us on a different path, which is another reason to stick close to “home” (the mass/the Church).

    Since we have free will, the results in the pews can be disheartening. This is not new. It just appears to be more exaggerated in today’s world.

    What also is not new is the finger-pointing and holier-than-though self-righteousness in people who think they are being holy. I can see why people would leave. It is hard to be the one looked down upon, for whatever reason. The reason I have not left, in spite of the way I have been treated, is that there is no where else to go to find the truth, and I love Jesus and His MOther and the saints and so much more about Catholicism, that I could not bear to be without them, even though the price I pay costs me dearly.

    The gospel message is actually quite simple. Not easy. But simple. Love is awesome and powerful, coming, as it does from God the Father. If we could all just focus on living HIS love in this crazy world, I think people would be more likely to want to stay. I know this sounds a bit simplistic. But I still believe it.

  • Brett Page

    Mass is predictable and uninspiring. That’s why young people won’t go. And why their children of following generations won’t go.

    Jesus taught us how to pray in Matthew 10. But more than that, he told us how NOT to pray. ‘Do not stand in the public houses of prayer like the hypocrites do and mouth empty platitudes. When you pray, go into your room and close the door and pray to your Father in these words’ …which are the Our Father.

    Prayer, in other words, is a private thing between God and us as individuals.

    More and more young people are taking Matthew at his word. Mat was there. He heard what Jesus said and wrote it down. We would do well to obey.

  • Deacon Norb

    Brett Page #48

    “More and more young people are taking Matthew at his word.”

    I’m delighted to hear that. I especially like Matthew Chapter 23. One of these days I’m going to have to preach at a priests’ retreat so that I can use this chapter as my text.

    “Mat was there. He heard what Jesus said and wrote it down.”

    Wrong answer. Matthew/Levi, the tax-collector turned apostle. was certainly present when the Lord Jesus walked the earth but that historically-identified human being had nothing whatsoever to do with the gospel that is attributed to him.

    That is not some “new teaching” fostered by a “radical Catholic deacon.” The first research on this issue was at the hands of William Barclay — a well known scholar of the English Bible — who published this notion way back over 80 years ago. Catholic Bible scholars jumped on the bandwagon about this theory probably by the late 1940′s and it was widely taught in our seminaries by 1970′s.

    FYI: If any one of the gospel writers was, in fact, a personal witness to the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, it would have been his cousin, John. Many parts of that gospel attributed to him have too many photographic-quality details to have been written/edited by a research scholar (like Luke was).

    “We would do well to obey.”

    Providing, of course, that you believe all public worship is hypocritical and thus condemned by Matthew 10. I think you will find you are in the minority here.

  • Lee Picton

    Well, this is an easy one. I don’t go to church because I am an atheist, and always have been, in spite of being the child of a clergyman. Wake up, people! Engage your brains! There is no reason to believe in an invisible sky daddy.