Diocese cancels appearance by Michael Voris — UPDATED

The well-known Catholic media personality and speaker won’t be giving a talk in Pennsylvania this weekend.


The Diocese of Scranton and Marywood University refused to host a conservative Catholic speaker this weekend after the organizations determined that he had expressed views at odds with the school’s and church’s values, they said on Thursday.

Michael Voris, who produces television and radio shows about Catholic issues, was scheduled to speak at two events Saturday arranged by a Harveys Lake couple at Marywood and Our Lady of Victory Catholic church in Harveys Lake.

After Marywood canceled the event, titled “Living Catholicism Radically,” it was to be relocated to the diocese’s St. Clare/St. Paul Elementary School before the diocese also refused to host Voris.

In a two-sentence statement, the Catholic university said Voris “was initially invited to speak at Marywood University as a conservative Catholic commentator” and the school “later became aware of views expressed by Mr. Voris that are inconsistent with our mission and core values.”

A school spokeswoman would not elaborate on what views were at issue, but the diocese described its objections to comments made by Voris in Internet videos that “certainly can be interpreted as being insensitive to people of other faiths.”

“The Catholic church teaches us to respect all people, regardless of their faith tradition,” the diocese said in a statement. “Although the diocese shares Mr. Voris’ support of efforts to protect human life, his extreme positions on other faiths are not appropriate and therefore the diocese cannot host him.”

Voris cultivated controversy last year when he said that democracies should “limit the vote to faithful Catholics,” that “the body politic continues to be ravaged by the cancer of ignorant, self-centered voters” and that the “only way to run a country is by benevolent dictatorship” by a “Catholic monarch” during one of his daily “The Vortex” video segments at RealCatholicTV.com.

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UPDATE: Those who are curious can see some of what Michael Voris has to say about other religions on his YouTube page — here are his thoughts on Jews, and here is what he says about who will be in heaven.

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19 responses to “Diocese cancels appearance by Michael Voris — UPDATED”

  1. This is the same guy who spends bandwidth talking about how we should be a Catholic monarchy, right?

    I wish I had your happiness / And you had a Do-wacka-do, wacka do, wacka-do, wacka-do…

  2. Yes, He is the man who supports a Catholic monarchy. It seems to me that his understanding of Church history ends when the concept of a papal monarchy began.
    Personally, I don’t think much of his opinions.

  3. Sad news.

    A memo from the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington says employee layoffs will take place on July 1st as the result of a tentative $77.4 million settlement with nearly 150 alleged abuse victims. Bishop W. Francis Malooly, says that reductions in some church services also will accompany layoffs and that across the board cuts of “25 percent or more” were needed in the current year’s budget.

    Similar thing happened in diocese. Church had to close churches, sell property, etc to fund abuse settlements. However, not one word from our local Bishop.


  4. If there is a stable group of Americans who wish to have a Catholic monarchy, I say let’s petition President Obama and Congress to grant them a parcel of land for it — one of the Aleutian Islands, perhaps? Long live King Voris I, the Moptop Monarch!

  5. Voris seems to have some out of line ideas. I’m glad the diocese refused to give him a venue, but I wonder why the Church fails to be so unequivocal with pro-abortion Catholics. They allow, in the name of dialogue and debate, some speakers who deviate from Church teaching but not others. What makes Voris’ political ideas more dangerous to the faith than Obama’s, or Biden’s, or John Kerry’s? Is there a greater chance that Voris will be more sucessful in meeting goals contrary to the teaching of the Church?

  6. One thing I don’t really like about Mr. Voris is the way he calls names. It is not charitable and does not further dialogue. That said, I subscribe to his premium content on his website, and while I haven’t watched all of it, I do watch the Vortex frequently.

    I am not surprised that the diocese wouldn’t want him because of his style, but on Catholic theology and morality, I do not think he is at odds with the Church.

    I was turned off by him at first, but as I continued to watch his message grew on me, and I think the work he does is important.

    On another note…

    “The school “later became aware of views expressed by Mr. Voris that are inconsistent with our mission and core values.””

    If only Notre Dame had responded this way in the past!

  7. As I may not agree with some of Michael Voris’ presentation esp. in the area of politics, I have not heard him say anything that is not authentically Catholic. Its just we haven’t heard it or so long in our poorly presented Faith of the past. But times are changing thank God the JPII generation is coming to the Plate and how awesome will the future B16 be. I can’t wait.

    Had a similar problem here with a conservative catholic layman diocese refused to let him talk in Catholic institution. Way around it, went to a Country club. Can’t prevent a group who has membership on a club from having a friend come and talk on any topic 🙂 Cunning as wolves the Lord Jesus himself says!

    Rick poses the million $ question! Let’s demand our leadership to be consistent.

  8. Amen, rick and Kyle.

    I think he tries to imitate Bill O’Reilly’s provocative style, which certainly serves Bill O’Reilly well in a political context but may not be the best for certain matters related to the faith and the Church.

    That said, his exposés on certain scandals have been pretty good and unfortunately necessary. Not everything that he covers has to be related to a scandal or to failure on the part of the Church, though…

  9. Mike and I were classmates in the seminary, and I can say in all candor that he is a genuinely good guy, not a bad bone in his body.

    Whatever Mike’s politics (we didn’t see eye-to-eye on many issues), he loves the Church with a deep, mature and passionate love that was evident twenty-three years ago. As for imitating O’Reilly, I wish he wouldn’t. He’s such a talented and gregarious guy that he deserves his own trademark style.

  10. As a self-professed defiantly orthodox Pope-defending Latin-loving young traditionalist convert devoted to the EF (ugh, labels!), I am not at all upset with Voris being banned from speaking in the diocese of Scranton. I agree with the outcome of Bp. Bambera’s deliberations entirely.

    Professing orthodoxy is not a sufficient qualification for being a speaker on Church properties. There is a particular venom in too much of what material of Mr. Voris’ that I’ve seen (not too much, I will admit) that I do not like seeing associated with Catholic orthodoxy.

    On the Web, I have seen denunciation of Mr. Voris’ ban on speaking from a number of traditionalist hangouts. None of what I have seen to that effect has been much else than poisonous to the Faith. I don’t think that that’s a good sign. I cannot deny that Voris’ materials have, in at least some cases, born good fruit. But is that enough? I think not.

    I hope that a popular voice or two – maybe a traditionalist one? – will come out solidly in support of the Diocese of Scranton and point out that Bp. Bambera is looking after his flock in this regard.

  11. Over the past few weeks there have been a surprising number of incidents reported at the Deacon’s Bench of self-proclaimed good Catholics denouncing the actions of bishops. Don’t people realize that dividing the flock from the shepherds is the work of Satan?

  12. I have to say, I generally love his videos. The guy has the courage to stand up for the truth. The Catholic Church is the one true Church that Jesus founded. Not saying we are perfect, but we should be calling others home, without compromising our teachings in the process. Yet his call for a Catholic Monarchy, I think, went to far.

  13. Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Most of Voris’s videos represent what the Catholic Church
    officially teaches — and for that I am grateful. And let’s face it: the Cath. Church has a lot of people in it who are ignorant of the faith they claim.

  14. Upon emailing an inquiry to the Archdiocese of Detroit (infodesk@aod.org), an email is received with this:


    The Archdiocese of Detroit recently issued the following statement regarding St. Michaels’ Media and Real Catholic TV:

    “In 2006, St. Michael’s Media of Ferndale, Michigan, through its chief executive, Michael Voris, and his associates, requested approval of its apostolate and programming from the Archdiocese of Detroit. The Detroit archdiocese responded to their initial submission and gave them direction as to the additional information and steps that would need to be taken. At issue was, and is, compliance with our basic archdiocesan media protocols and those of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). While there have been some discussions, the matter with St. Michael’s Media remains unresolved; it is not an approved apostolate.

    “In 2008, a Web-based video provider named RealCatholicTV.com was launched, with Michael Voris as the primary host, producer-writer and manager, utilizing new and archive program material produced and provided, primarily, by St. Michael’s Media. The RealCatholicTV enterprise has yet to present itself or receive approval of its apostolate and programming from the Detroit archdiocese.

    “Therefore, the catechetical presentations, the analysis of Catholic teachings or positions, and the commentary on Church leadership presented by St. Michael’s Media and/or RealCatholicTV— be they audio, video, or exclusively Web-based— cannot be approved or endorsed by the archdiocese at this time.”

    Ned McGrath
    Director of Communications
    Archdiocese of Detroit
    February 2011

  15. I tend to think we all take ourselves much too seriously. As for Mr. Voris’ call for a “Catholic Monarchy”, if we don’t look to deep, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all subscribed and followed rigorously the teachings of the Catholic Church? I believe that was his point.

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