Fr. Robert Barron on bin Laden's death

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11 responses to “Fr. Robert Barron on bin Laden's death”

  1. Even though the jubilation expressed at Ground Zero and other places on Sunday looked like something out of the Wizard of Oz (“Ding dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead” – not very Christian either), I still believe that, if Osama bin Laden had been captured, there would have been the same kind of celebration.

  2. Funny? I fail to see the humor.

    Cartoons like this do not serve the cause for those of us who try to be civil and dignified in our defense of life.

  3. Jim Nicholson formally, former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, states Pope John Paul II, “we must stop these people who kill in the name of God”, right after Osama 9/11 terror attack.

  4. I was glad to see him mention the word justice as a value that many others have ignored. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Pope John Paul II visiting the man who tried to kill him–in jail–where justice deemed the attempted murderer belonged.

  5. HMS, it is interesting that when something as obvious as the most pro abortion president in our history sends in a kill team and then trys to say it is a gutsy call blowing his own horn for over a week, that it should be open for humor.

    Saying obama made a gutsy call because he sent troops in to kill bin laden seems far less gutsy when you consider he sends his favorite troops, planned parenthood, in every day to kill 4000 innocent babies. That no one points this out is SAD and Americans often respond to humor to make a point. This cartoon makes that point very well.

    It is also interesting that those who cheer this entire matter would be calling for the impeachment of Bush had he done exactly the same thing.

    Noam Chomsky seems to think what Obama did is illegal..

    Pakistan could go to the radicals overnight putting nukes in the hands of terrorist. This entire matter is far from over and we might view what is not Obama main feat as president as the beginning of an even more violent time in the world.

    Father Barron had it about right in the video at another post at this site.

  6. Greta: I give respect to your opinion and I hope that you respect my opinion that that there are distasteful ways of promoting the pro-life cause. I don’t like to make jokes about it.

    Since you have mentioned and affirmed an opinion of Noam Chomsky in your comment, I am wondering if you agree with his other opinions: anti-capitalism, anti -Israel (even though he is Jewish), pro-anarchism, pro-socialism and self-described libertarian socialist.

    As to the abortion issue, well…

    I just heard on a cable news station that in addition to the Cokes, Pepsis and natural foods (ahem) they found in bin Laden’s hideout, there was one of Chomsky’s books. (I guess his book on anarchy.) I do not like to write this as fact, since I have learned not to take such early news flashes seriously until they can be confirmed.

  7. Greta get a life…..did you complain when Bush went into Iraq, I doubt it…when he lied to the American People right in our faces, I doubt it and very willing to give the top 2% a big tax break at the expense of the poor and marginalized….I doubt it.

    Pro life is more than the infant in the womb….it’s all of us as catholics and americans supporting that life after it leaves the womb.

    When you so called pro lifers can go beyond the womb then as far as I’m concerned then you can use the title.

  8. Father Barron:

    As a Catholic Christian, I too, have experienced a multitude of conflicting thoughts and emotions re: the death UBL My initial feeling was one of great relief that this EVIL man was removed from this planet, but I was mildly disturbed by the street rejoicing in the US, as it brought to mind the street rejoicing in the Middle East on 9/11 over the death of 3000 innocent Americans. While this may be a demonstration of patriotism, it still is seen as joy at the death of another human being. I believe that justice was done by the brave actions of the Seals, and that justice can be served in many ways. I have a great deal of difficulty in expressing love for UBL, and don’t know what to pray for him. If you have any concrete suggestions as to how and what to pray for UBL, I would be interested in reading them. I think that unless I know, how and what to pray for him, I will leave it up to God.

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