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“Even as more-mainstream media outlets attempt to downplay blogs and blogging as being a force for nothing much beyond self-promotion, the pope has been ahead of the curve, urging priests, religious and lay folk to embrace social media as a powerful means of evangelization, and a source of Catholic clarity in a very noisy, confused and divided world.

Catholic clarity, of course, cannot be disseminated without a measure of charity, and charity can sometimes be the biggest challenge we face in new media.

The Internet is a place without genuine boundaries. Unlike a magazine, its ideas are not contained between two covers with defined limits; unlike a television or radio broadcast, it is not subject to the constraints of time, or, for that matter, reliant upon sponsorship and underwriters.

Such expansive freedom is both a gift and a terrible temptation to our egos, a force for disorientation and therefore a true battleground for souls.”

— Elizabeth Scalia, a.k.a. “The Anchoress,” in her remarks today in Rome.

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  1. I am so torn about Social Media as I have seen so many injured by comments made on blogs, Facebook, and the like. As a teacher I see many of my former students posting and discussing issues which are offensive. I know that Social Media is used for good, and for some reason I enjoy reading blogs and sharing. I am, however, sad to see that Social Media is often used to say things in public that should never be public. It is so easy to say so much so quickly, to so many people. I’m certainly one who needs to learn that sometimes silence is a virtue…

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