Worth a thousand words — and so true!

A couple of blogs have posted this — h/t Eric Sammons — so I figured I’d join the herd.   Click to enlarge.

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4 responses to “Worth a thousand words — and so true!”

  1. I confess am Old Guard, I do not even carry a cell phone normally. But it is frustrating to talk to people who instead of looking in your eyes are glued to the blackberry, Iphone or cellular. Most of all at lunch or dinner, when they constantly drift in and out of conversations to look at the latest e-mail or message. Talk about putting a sign on every person, you don’t need the 666 stamped in the forehead, you just need an electronic device in every hand.

  2. We were at my nephew’s First Communion this weekend. While waiting to make our lunch plates afterward, my brother-in-law and I were standing with an older (14 yr old) nephew who was texting. Keep in mind this nephew had made the trip from Florida to Indiana for the First Communion. My brother-in-law said to me, “I have an idea. If you’re at a family event and your nephew can’t stop texting, you should get to take away his phone from him and text his friends something funny like, ‘I really like the Carpenters. Don’t you?’ ”
    The nephew got the hint and put it away.

    Yes, there are times texting can come in handy, but the constant connectedness? Nope.

  3. Only too true, alas. What I find most troubling is that sense of tension that all that connectedness brings. Everywhere I look, people seem to be anxiously bent over their devices. Why the anxiety? Not to mention the folks who are so intent on their messages that they walk into traffic. Makes me sign regretfully for the time, not too long ago, that people were merely talking on cell phones. At least they sttod up straight and looked around, even if they were loud and disturbing! About the only good thing you can say about texting is that it’s quieter now.

  4. This drives me NUTS! My husband laughs at me for my basic little phone – that I use only to make or receive calls – but it suits my purposes. I am ‘online’ more than I should be anyway – no need for the phone.

    I see parents at their kids dance shows on them – really? Would it kill you to watch your child and their friends dance as they’ve practiced so hard to do?

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